Friday, October 5, 2012

A force to be reckoned with

We had a little "incident" occur yesterday that made me lament my startling lack of a blogging habit, despite the fact that over the last few years I have created and abandoned upwards of 8 separate blogs. But this story alone made me decide to start another one, regardless of the fact that this may also end up buried right alongside its predecessors. But who knows...I may have an interesting enough topic to write on now, to keep it up! Only time will tell...

So. Charlie.

He's a very..."active" dog. And curious. When we're gone, there's not much telling what we'll come home to. Twice this week, I've come home from short grocery shopping excursions to find the trash torn apart, and him laying sheepishly on his bed, tail thumping against the floor.

Ooh boy. He met time out like it'd never been done before.

Of course, those eyes got to me after not too long. They were telling me plainer than day that even though I was having one of my irrational bouts of temper, he would forgive me eventually if I let him up and gave him a treat.

I did let him up.

But there was no treat.

Until a little later. Those eyes just kill me.

Anyway, I thought that was pretty much the only snag in our relationship. A nosy dog isn't the worst thing ever. At least he hasn't tried to pee inside (except that one time right after I brought him home...I should go bleach Tanner's tool bag again) or anything.

I found out yesterday that that was only one part of his escapades. The second included a bottle of tea tree oil, which had been sitting on a short bookshelf right inside the door. Tanner uses a two and a half foot-ish bookshelf to keep his boots on, and as it is with any horizontal surface, it inevitably also became a catch-all for keys, mail for the guy living downstairs, books that I have to return to my sister, and, of course, a bottle of tea tree oil.

During his exploration, Charlie somehow managed, either with a nose or tail, to knock just that one thing out of the mulitudes of knick-knacks available off the the top of the bookshelf. Neither Tanner or I noticed it until yesterday, when he swung by to pick up his muck boots on the way to a job out in Choteau. He had grabbed them and was about to walk out the door when he shook them and heard something rattle around. He reached his hand in, and you can guess what he pulled out. That dog has perfect aim, I kid you not.

Better still than the fact that our Lab had just scored a hole-in-one, when Tanner pulled that little glass vial out of the boot, the look on his face when the stench hit him was priceless. It had somehow landed just right as to break the RUBBER cap completely off, spilling the entire concoction into his boot. I still don't understand how that happened. But, as Tanner had the linetruck sitting right outside, and the rest of his crew was already on the way, there was nothing he could do about it except take the boots with him to work and try not to gag.

For those of you who haven't smelled tea tree oil, you're not missing out on much. Even in small doses it's pretty pungent, but when an entire bottle gets spilled in a small area, it can clear your sinuses out in one whiff. The rest of the men at work noticed as well...especially when they noticed him stuffing the bottom of his boot with wads of paper towels. From what I hear, there was quite a bit of guffawing when they finally got an answer as to what they were doing. The poor guy had to wear those things for ten hours, and endure the nose-crinkling of those around him the entire time.

The smell left behind in the house was pretty bad as well...some of it got on the bookshelf, and the whole place smelled like a bunch of hippies. I had to let Charlie out for the rest of the day when I realized he was sneezing in his sleep.

On a very happy note, once I threw the bottle into the trash, there was no more digging through it! At least until it got emptied. My bliss was incredibly short-lived.


  1. Oh My WORD! he looks EXACTLY like Amos! I have a picture of Amos lying like that. Sounds like you have your hands full wit him lol

  2. Oh wow, you're so in for it... I love that I just get to read about it but not put up with it. But bring him for a visit anyway. :-) Poor Tanner!!

  3. I don't remember tea tree oil being that bad. Gotta love the mental imagery of Tanner suffering all day, though.