Thursday, October 11, 2012

All things addicting are not drugs

Namely, white cheddar popcorn. The kind that comes in a black bag that says on the back that it's okay to become addicted to it. No, seriously, it actually does. How's that for not-so-subliminal messaging? Well, it worked, and I'm completely hooked. Have been for quite a while, too. They say that the first step to recovery is acknowledging the addiction, and now I have, but I don't really want to recover, to be completely honest. And the other day, when I was going grocery shopping, I made the mistake of going down the aisle where bags of this goodness are stored. I told myself I'd walk straight through and not look to the right or the left. But of course I did.

And I saw this:

See on the side there? In the blue?

Yep. My downfall. Although I'm proud to announce that this bag isn't empty yet, even though I bought it on like Tuesday and, like a good wifey, have shared it with my husband. A little, anyway. But now it's sitting in my chair with me as I dutifully blog away, and you can bet that it'll probably be anihilated by the end of the evening.

The normal sized bags usually last me a couple hours, so I figure I'm doing pretty good.

All things addicting are not only popcorn, though.

Anyone played Farmville recently?

Those jerks made a second edition, after I had completely sworn off the old one because 1) it got boring and 2) it was a complete waste of time. But they've made a new one that's new, and funner, and I'm now on it constantly. Tanner laughs at me as he watches me harvest my crops every evening. What he doesn't realize, however, is that by the time I harvest in the evening, I'm usually on my second or third crop of the day. It's crazy.

I made sure to snap some super cute Charlie pictures for you today!

Every day, when Tanner leaves for or gets home from work, Charlie stands at the window, staring at the pickup, his tail-wag speed increasing or decreasing, depending on which way the truck is headed.

This morning:

(You notice the snow on the ground? I almost turned around to go back to bed for the winter when Tanner told me we'd gotten a skiff overnight.)

And this afternoon:

You should see those ears fly up when he hears the truck (ahem...pickup) pulling into the driveway. Pretty adorable. But two minutes after this episode of cuteness, he managed to wiggle his way out the front door and took off down the street.

This is Charlie now. On time out.

See why it's so hard for me to leave him there? It's almost painful.


  1. This is Charlie. This is Charlie later. This is Charlie on time out.

    Pardon me while I giggle-- Charlie is very cute. He has almost as much personality as Charlie Drummond...

  2. Haha! Yeah, kinda...his ears aren't quite as floppy, though, and I don't think Charlie Drummond is tall enough to reach the trash can...