Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fun weekend, so far!

Got to go up and see my wonderful aunt and uncle in Shelby last night! Got there around five to a pretty empty house...just the two of them, as their youngest is currently off visiting his honey pie. Couple hours later, the house was filled by five more; men that had been working at my cousin's out in Devon, fixing up some of the out-buildings. Had an awesome supper (that aunt of mine is an AWEsome cook), then gathered up in the living room to pull out the guitar and mandolin that one of the men had brought with him.

I hope I didn't seem too creeperish as I "secretly" took a couple videos (with you in mind, of course!). I think that listening to two or more people improvising like they did is one of the coolest things life has to offer. These guys played for about half an hour, just picking out hymns and old cowboy songs, and accompanying one another.


They had me play the piano a little after that, and I suprised myself by pulling songs out of my repertoir from a good 7 or 8 years ago. And of course, back then, all I played were the uber fast, exciting ones, so my forearms were pretty worn out afterward, but it was a good end to a fun evening!

Came home about one o'clock this afternoon, after helping my aunt watch some of her grandkids for a couple hours...poor things were sick and didn't take well to Mommy leaving. Got home to find Tanner sleeping off another overnight overtime session (1-6ish a.m.), so I spent some time with the Charlie pooch. Went grocery shopping not long after that (sorry, this is turning into a way more boring post than I thought it would's kinda hard to tell before I start writing...), and among my other conquests, brought home a Tombstone pizza for supper (really outdid myself this time), which is apparently one of Tanner's loves. We had just pulled it out of the oven and were saying our "official" hello (after my eternally long absence) when Tanner reached over and pulled a massive knife out of the knife block and brandished it menacingly. There must have been an untrusting look in my eye, because he said, "'s just for the pizza. I wouldn't cut you...who would cook for me then!?"

After I finished laughing, I informed him that comments like that were very likely to be incorporated into a blog post some day. He then proceeded to beg and plead, but it had already been determined funny enough to share, so he was out of luck. Honestly, I married this guy so I'd have twenty-four/seven access to his accidentally-uncensored comments like that. They make my day every time. Like the time he accidentally called me fat...except I'm not really supposed to tell that story.

Just be assured that it was one of the funniest things that has come out of his mouth. Ever. Poor boy's got an unintentional sense of humor.


  1. Ok now you gotta spill the story, you cant just lead up and then leave us hanging!

  2. Lol he just told me that my new pair of pants didn't make me look any fatter than my old ones =D I roared, he said "Oh come on now! That's not what I meant!"

    Then I laughed all the harder.

  3. LOL! You'll be able to pull out these little gems fifty years from now and see how his humor has morphed. Poor Tanner. ;-)

  4. So that looks like Eldon and Tracy; who else was there?

  5. Eldon's dad, Brock S, and some guy named Dale that I've never met (obviously not the cousin version lol).