Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I married a man who makes the world's most amazing steak.

I hugely enjoyed my dinner, thank you for asking!

This man also enjoys cake. Not just any cake.

That's right. Funfetti.

So I humor him on occasion, as I kinda dig it too...

I can smell it baking. Are you jealous?

Turns out, though, that he likes his.....



I made him run to the store with me to get some anyway, to go on my three-quarters. ("HALF!!" he says. Bahaha)

We made it in and out of that place in eight minutes. We timed it.

Turns out I also married a man who's very quick on his feet!

Unrelated, but he also helped me eat half our stash of Halloween candy.


Yeah, pretty much.

This same man is as hooked on How I Met Your Mother as I am, and we have nightly dates to watch half a dozen episodes on Netflix. That's kinda what the cake is for, too. We get munchy.

Also to eat is a big bowl of bean dip and a fresh bag of tortilla chips. Life is good.

Oh, plus, I'm kinda digging this guy, 'cause I keep stealing his charger cord to upload all these pictures, and he hasn't actually gotten mad at me for forgetting to put it back yet! Pretty awesome =)

Charlie's thrilled...he got to eat the bone out of my killer awesome steak.

And no, I don't just mean "chewed on".

He actually ate it.

Holy cow.


Get it?

I'll leave you alone now.


  1. Sounds like he's accruing some major points!

  2. :) Im having difficulties proving im not a robot...

  3. I'm commenting to tell Chantal that I laughed at her comment.

  4. I'm commenting to tell Chantal and Kirstyn that I tried to get rid of it, but it says it's not activated, and not everyone has had to go through that, so it's kinda weird.

    I deduct that you two actually are robots and the computer knows it. You're just robots that outsmart the system!