Monday, October 22, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

For the first time since that one day sophomore year in which my bus driver parked in a snowdrift and I had to walk home in the snow wearing flimsy flats and a long jeanskirt, I actually smiled when I walked out of Walmart and saw that it was snowing. I've hated snow with a passion since that one fateful day (one can hardly wonder why, and shuddup about my clothing wasn't snowing when I left in the morning), but today, that somehow changed.

All I can say is "Good timing". This is supposed to be a pretty bad winter since the last couple were really mild and the summer was dry (except for the full month of thunderstorms when it was anything BUT dry...not sure where these general statements come from). So I guess I'm watching the beginning of winter right now through my window. It honestly looks more like ash, the way it's just drifting around. Sure makes me glad I'm inside with my fuzzy socks and a heater and a closet full of blankets instead of outside like the four dozen people I saw standing on corners with cardboard signs as I left the Walmart parking lot. The only thing that could make it better is a wood stove, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

On another note, my house smells like paint thinner.

Like BAD.

I tried to clean out some paint brushes today by soaking them in this brush cleaning solution, which is basically just overpriced paint thinner. The instructions said to pour some into an empty paint can and soak brushes in it for a few hours, then take them out and scrub them, and presto change-o, they'll be all clean and perfect.

Well I didn't have an empty paint can.

So I used a couple Solo cups.

Note to self: don't use Solo cups to hold paint thinner. Ever.

I pulled one paint brush out a little earlier than the other because it had been cleaner to begin with, and I wanted to paint some trim in the hall way. I noticed as I dumped the turpentine out that the white on the inside of the cup had gotten a little runny. Oops, guess that's pretty similar to paint...shouldn't be surprised to see it run! The other cup probably won't have any white left by the time the other brush is done soaking. So I went off and painted for a bit. Got half done with one door frame and realized I had someone coming to buy Tanner's old vacuum in a few minutes, so I went to clean off that paint brush and make myself presentable.

When I got back to the sink, I found out that paint thinner doesn't just thin paint, it thins plastic. Completely eats through it, in fact. I had a puddle of turpentine eighteen inches across on my counter top, and a cup without a bottom. The smell about sent me through the roof. I opened as many windows as possible and scrubbed it with two different kinds of cleaners (one that's good for nothing besides the smell...they gave a counter cleaner a laundry detergent smell, and I kinda like it!), but the whole place still smelled to high heaven when the poor woman got here. Needless to say, it was a quick transaction.

In an effort to keep Charlie a part of this blog, here's what he's been doing today:

Cuddling with a pillow I really don't want him cuddling with (and thereby getting all hairy) and sleeping and being generally uber cute.

I'm currently listening to Christmas music on Pandora, keeping with the snowy attitude whilst it's here. May as well make the most of it! Tanner will most likely disown me if he finds this out, so let's keep it our little widespread secret, hmm? Teehee...


  1. Next time let 'em sit in boiling hot white vinegar for awhile. It won't eat your counters, smells comparably bad, and probably works just as well. :-)

  2. Unless you're using oil paint, water works just fine. Considerably cheaper, and no nasty aroma.