Friday, October 26, 2012

Little bit of splurging...

Tanner got a new pair of boots for work, because half the hooks holding the laces onto his old ones had fallen off, and the poor things had been used and abused for the last two years. Lineman's work is not for a pansy boot. But as is the nature of the non-pansy boots, they cost quite a bit.

So I figured that since he got a new pair of boots, I should too! It really was practical, because, as I explained to Tanner, all of my boots either have big heels on them, making them completely unuseful for a Montana winter, or are bulky and covered with fur, meaning they don't go with many outfits. On top of this, the boots I wanted (on a whim) were about a third the price of his (that he desperately needed for work), so there, I win, puh-leeeeaze?

So I bought these:

I'm in total lurv. I felt a little weird, at first, buying a pair of cowboy boots when I obviously live in the middle of town and haven't touched a cow, let alone roped, wrangled, or branded one. I haven't ridden off into the sunset on the back of my trusty sorrel with my well-worn Stetson pulled low over my eyes, my Colt hung from my belt and a Winchester tucked in behind the saddle. I have absolutely no claim to authenticity when it comes to wearing these boots, and they may forever feel a lack of true identity.

But they're cute!

And versatile!

To be worn with jean skirts and jeans alike. To be shopped in, walked in, and worn on many frivolous errands. I may someday ride a horse while wearing them, but it will most likely be in an English saddle, 'cause that's just how I roll.

They will, however, be fortunate enough to escape the life of an actual working ranch. They (probably) won't step in cow poop, (definitely) won't have to associate with calf nuts, and (I sincerely hope) won't get run over by any piece of farm paraphernalia, be it bovine, equine, or engine.

They will be loved.

By a woman that lives in the city and is squashing their real potential. They should be eternally grateful.

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  1. Pictures of you modeling them must be forthcoming.