Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Of dogs and soup

So. Today was supposed to be my first semi-official day working at the daycare, but I got a call from a friend last night informing me that she was in labor and would I please watch her kids in the morning?

So I called up Lichen and told her the circumstances. Thank goodness she's easy-going! I went out at seven this morning, forgetting in my early-morning dead-headedness to fill up with gas. Didn't figure it'd be an issue, when I realized my oops, because I'd made it out and back on a quarter of a tank before, and this time would be no different. What I forgot to count on was the 50ish mph winds blowing in just the wrong direction, so that they halved my gas mileage on the way back. Combine that with a cell battery that was about dead due to the terrible reception where I was, and the fact that Tanner was headed to Valier for some overtime, and you have a great equation for a really stressful drive back. I made it, thankfully, but not before every worst case scenario played through my mind.

The day spent there was pretty laid back...we watched Open Season (which has a ridiculous amount of innuendos, by the way, never noticed that before), and took early naps because they were sniping at each other and driving me nuts. The youngest, who's just barely turned two, was apparently not feeling very well today, as evidenced by the fact that she puked on her chair right before lunch, fell asleep on my lap directly after, and when she woke up three hours later, was content to sit on my lap staring at my Kindle. For an hour. Not typical two-year-old behavior. Anyway, Grandpa got there around four and took over, so I got to head for home and experience the previous paragraph. Still don't know if the baby's arrived yet, but if not, she's going on about 20 hours of labor. Poor gal.

Just to throw this out there, there's never a better "welcome home dance" than that put on by an attention deprived Lab, by the way. Thankfully, Tanner hasn't shown me a "welcome home dance" to compare it with.

That'd just be wierd.

I made the dog's day to pay him back for it...I mixed soup into his dog food. This was probably a bad idea on my part for the following reasons:

     1) He has since been sniffing around the kitchen for every drip I left behind (and there were quite a few...I'm not very great at pouring soup out of Tupperware)
     2) I'm not sure how dog's tummies react to Velveeta (Oh hush...I know it's terrible for you, but I found this really yummy sounding recipe--in fact I may have copied it from a magazine whilst grocery shopping, which I admit was terrible of me--that called for it, and I just HAD to try it)
     3) It may involve farting. And this dog's farts are not a laughing matter. Although, once, Tanner accidentally claimed one of Charlie's....that was a laughing matter.
     4) It may involve puking. Although that might give me an excuse to beg our landlord to let me replace the carpet. Hmmm....

I'll let you know if the house is still standing by the end of the night.

And now, I'm off to go finish dominating my to-do list. This may take more than several hours. Wish me luck.

By the way...Charlie wanted to let you all know that he's trying a new experiment--to see how many times he can trip me by stepping on my feet or walking directly underneath me. Results to be posted next blog. Oh, and his nose is permanently glued to my jacket now, because I made the mistake of holding another dog today.

Forgive me, Charlie, for I have sinned.

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