Thursday, October 18, 2012

One and Walking Party, plus an excerpt from Lt Charles Dogford's publications

Today was my boss's daughter's second first birthday party. Sounds weird, I know...took me a little while to catch on to the concept. She turned one in August, so they had her birthday down in New Mexico, I think it was. This party was kind of a celebration for her first steps so that those who live around here could come and eat cake.

Speaking of cake...

I got to make it =D I was pretty excited...I haven't made a cake for an occasion since June when I left the bakery to move down here and get married. I'd take the trade any day, but I love decorating cakes for gives me the warm fuzzies when people ooh and ahh over my creations. Kind of inflates my ego a bit too, though, so maybe it's best I stop.


So  I spent today babysitting both R. and P., and when they were napping and Lichen was out shopping, I created a masterpiece. I'm rather proud of it...would you like to see? Good.

I found these super adorable pearl sprinkles that I used to line some of the swirlies, fancify the white borders, and there's also a ring of them around the outside edge of the bottom layer.

It took FOREVER. But it was awesome, so it's worth it.

Had a bunch of other daycare people and other miscellanious friends over for the actual party, which featured some pretty stellar homemade fettucini (which I need to get the recipe for, by the way). I turned beet red multiple times, as Lichen kept bringing people over to the fridge to point out the cake and then pointing me out to people I had never met. But heck...maybe it'll be worth it and they'll all ask me to make cakes for them! Eh, probably not.

Although it would give me a reason to buy more decorating goodies =D

We gave the top half to the birthday girl and she completely demolished it...with flair.

From the writings of Lt Charles Dogford

Day 19

Have begun to make a path through the wilderness of my domain from my pacings to and fro. Regret to report that otherwise, life has been uneventful since I last wrote. The natives have been gone for long periods of time: the male leaves frequently and night, which I find odd, and the female often comes home smelling of children who don't know how to hold their bowels and sour milk. While they are gone, I'm left alone outside for hours on end. I count my blessings, knowing that few animals out there amass as much sleep as I.

Had a small adventure this afternoon--even though the man was gone all night, he was present here all day, and therefore spent a little time with me, one on one. He has a strange ritual which involves a large object sitting atop four smaller round pieces. One end is flat, the other strangely shaped and partially invisible, in that while it looks as though nothing is there, there is still a barrier that does not give, as I unfortunately found out. The male has me "load up" onto the flat portion, and then allows himself to be swallowed up by the front portion (this worried me at first, but as he always escapes uscathed at some point, my fears have begun to lessen). Then the most astounding occurrence happens--moments after he disappears, the beast makes a mighty noise, and the trees and other domains around us begin to move! And as this happens, the beast beneath me quakes and jerks from side to side. It is interesting to observe the area around us as it flies by, but close investigation proves to be a folly. Today as I tried to sniff something on the ground beneath us, I was dislodged from the beast, and I fell to the hard surface below. But only my hind paws reached; my neck was caught up by the rope that the male uses to secure me to the beast.

This, sirs, I believe to be inhumane.

It wasn't long before he saw me and boosted me back up. My neck was sore enough after that encounter that it stopped me from chasing the squirrel I saw a little later...I had no desire to experience that again.

In other news, the male has been building a device in front of the house for the fortnight of yet I have not determined its use, but there is a feeling of foreboding that arises within me when I look upon it. Four walls like those I live within currently, plus two at a strange angle on top, meeting in a point. I have a feeling it is part of my destiny, but as of yet, I cannot tell how it will come into play. More on that later.

Lt Charles Dogford

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  1. Poor Charlie's neck! You should prob'ly take him to the chiropractor so he doesn't walk sideways in his old age.
    Beautimous cake. My offspring continually amaze me with their better-than-mine skills. (I just read AND commented on your blog from the confines of my new phone though, so I'm not too shabby in the Smarts Dept., I guess. Or maybe the credit goes to the phone. It is, after all, called a SmartPhone. Yeah, it's prolly the phone. Since I'm supposed to be getting ready for my double-route though, the procrastination angle is pretty impressive.)