Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Forgot to inform all you super interested people out there that Tanner got to do his first rubber gloving yesterday! He informs me that he's gonna like his job a whole lot more now that he gets to do the fun stuff, but he's getting a little tired of the "rubber glove" jokes already. Amusingly enough, he gets them from the men he works with that ALSO rubber glove.

He's been waiting to go hot since October (it got delayed til the beginning of this month because of some meeting the company kept putting off), and now that he is officially "hot" (he was all along, he tells me. *eye roll*), he's hoping to get called out on overtime a whole lot more, since he can do more than the other apprentice and the two groundmen. Hope it works out that way! Although, quite honestly, I still haven't figured out why he like OT so much...yeah you get a couple extra hours on your pay stub, but you also lose as many in sleep. As long as he likes it though, he can keep on doin' what he do. Glad it's his job and not mine! He'd probably say the same thing about watching four babies.

In other news, Charlie also went hot today when he tried to clean off the counters for me with his tounge.

I zapped him a good'un.

Haha. Sucker.

That'll teach you to eat my people food.

Here's an appalling story for you...the other day, I had chicken thawing in the sink for supper. Thinking it safe (he had never actually stolen something from the counter before, let alone the sink), Tanner and I went down the hall for no more than a minute and a half. By the time we got back out to the kitchen, he was walking back into the living room from the kitchen, licking his chops. It took me a minute to realize what was missing, but when I realized there were three chicken breasts in the sink instead of four, he got his little tushie whooped. I don't even feel bad about doing it anymore. Maybe having a dog before I have kids will make me a better disciplinarian in the long run. I'll probably have to invest in some chihuahua/poodle-sized shock collars at some point. That's the closest I can figure, because from what I've seen, they don't come in sizes like the normal "6-12 months" measurements. brain-to-mouth filter was on the Low setting. I'll get that cranked back up again pronto.

The kinda interesting thing about this whole dog-stealing-my-food debacle, is that even though Charlie knows he's not supposed to do it, and knows he's going to get in trouble the minute we see the evidence, he still does it. He has actually started turning himself in, lately, possibly hoping to get an easy time-out sentence with the possibility of parole for good behavior. Yesterday (again, after having him out of our sight for about two minutes, in which he appgave no indication of doing anything "bad"), he walked up to us as we sat on the couch and dropped the paper bowl, that he had been carrying gingerly by the lip, right at our feet. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be the bowl we keep on the counter do drain bacon fat into. Licked clean, of course. Before I had even begun to release my wrath, he had turned around and was headed to his bed in the corner.

Gotta give him points for intelligence.

At least we kinda got revenge, yesterday. Well, not really revenge, but a good chuckle, at any rate. Turns out dogs don't really know what Kleenex is for, and upon finding one sitting, vulnerable, on an endside table, will snap it up--dried, germy mucus and all.

Thankfully we caught him before it was actually ingested.

Although then again, that'd be kinda funny...

I thought this post was going to be relatively short when I started writing it.

But here I am, still making it longer.

I'll stop now.


No, nnnow.






  1. Ah yes, the "it's worth any punishment I get" trick will kick you in the rear with kids, too. The trick is to catch them BEFORE they do it so that they don't get the satisfaction of having a choice. But, also like kids, that means constant supervision. Have fun with that. :-)

  2. haha i laughed through all of that! haha sounds like that new doggie of yours keeps you busy!

  3. ah hahahahaha! Love it! 'Course, my kids never did things like that. They always had pure intentions and were never devious. (Yay for my pre-senior memory!)

  4. Heehee
    Love that he put himself in timeout!