Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reasons why he's my favorite

1) Because he's cute when he eats.

2) Because he's adorable when he sleeps, and because he does so frequently.

3) Because he smiles at me and is down-right darling.


This other kiddo is pretty cute too, though, got to admit.

And as a girl, she always knows exactly what she wants. Which is usually attention. Or to be fed. How selfish!

In other news, the guest room is one step closer to being done! Found another twin on Craigslist, so I finally got to get that part set up, at least...and I think it looks awesome. Just got some of the discount sheets at Walmart for the time being, but they work just as well as any...

I believe that swapping the flat sheets was a pretty slick only issue now is that the coral sheets...

Don't quite match the coral wall. Like, not at all. That'll be fixed at some point when I take the time to buy nicer sheets, most likely online. For right now, whoever sleeps in here will just have to sleep with their backs to that one wall so that in their heads, it looks as cool as it was supposed to.

Recently finished and soon to grace the walls of the guest room is this lovely mod podged shadow box:

Still to be modpodged in the same fashion:


Charlie is currently staring at me from the floor. Actually, he's not staring at ME so much as at my breakfast, which is (don't judge me...I don't like breakfast food) beef and bean burritos from the freezer section. They're fairly scrumptious, but poor Charlie will never know that.

By the way, part of Charlie's ear is white...I'd take a picture, but he's laying on it. That's what happens when he tries to help me paint. And now he's making it very hard to type, as he's laid his head on the keyboard and licks me every time I try to move him. Oh wait....just licked the screen. I think he's saying hello. I'm off to get mod podging...and painting...still a lot of painting to do.


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  1. What a neat idea! (the mod-podge thing). And I love the sheet swap. Maybe you could go back and get another set of coral sheets and tack them on the coral wall (rather than re-painting). If you put some quilt batting behind it and use tapestry tacks, it looks cool.