Saturday, October 20, 2012

World Domination

I been busy. And enjoying it. And I'm seriously doing everything in extremes. Like stubbing my toe.

You can find this picture in the dictionary right next to the word "doozy". I think I bled all over the carpet when this happened. Oops.

Since yesterday, I've done five loads of laundry, give or take. I also reorganized all of my drawers and dumped a bunch of stuff in a trash bag to head off to Good Will. Dominated.

I vacuumed for the first time in like, 4 days. It was horrendous, thank you Charlie ("One cannot help his seasonal shedding habits. It is an instinct bred into us from the days of yore."). The vacuum nearly choked on a massive hairball.

Gross, no? Dominated.

I tidied, dusted, and deep cleaned.

I washed the dishes three times in two days. My kitchen looked like this (doesn't anymore, because this was a whole hour ago):

Those scarves by the knife block got washed (by hand) today as well.


I made some cards by hand for the first time ever:

Not-so-dominated...kinda cute, but I don't think they're gonna turn into a new hobby. I'll stick with these:

These I can dominate.

Put a whole bunch of stuff on Craigslist and the Great Falls Garage Sale on Facebook. Got two non-commital texts and a really weird phone call, but I'm one step closer to not tripping over stuff as I walk through the garage!

Kinda dominated.

It was a productive couple of days. Now I can add "Blogged" to the list and be pretty proud of myself. I've also begun to learn the art of the Honey-Do efforts got my wiper fluid refilled, and my cutesy letters hung up.

Cute, no? Of these I'm rather proud. They hang upon my newly yellowed kitchen wall and I lurv them completely.

So that's my last couple of days...whatchu been up to?


  1. Oh, let's see . . . I:
    1. slept 'til 9:30 (phone woke me up)
    2. made a list of things to do today
    3. "caught up" on Facebook and emails (yeah, like a dog catches up with its tail)
    4. finally watched "Dear John" which I've checked out several times but never could watch due to my gut feeling that it would be depressing (I was right)
    5. finished a book
    5. caught up on a few newspapers
    6. counted my blessings
    7. then realized I was supposed to be at Bert's rehab place at 4:00 to learn how to bandage her foot.
    8. took supper to her
    9. decided a Peanut Buster Parfait sounded perfect (I was right again)
    10. came home to take a nap. All those accomplishments wore me out. :-)