Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My dog is eating crayons...

Not even kidding.

He tried anyway. Maybe he thought "Burnt Orange" tasted like the real thing, and that's why he went for it.

Then again, even that doesn't explain it. This dog is a mystery. He also eats fuzzy socks, anything that comes out of the trash, children's mittens, my favorite beanie (okay, my only beanie), and used tissues.

Dude. Even I have a better diet than that.

On another note, Charlie made his first doggie friend  yesterday, in the form of a border collie named Jack. They hit it off, which is fantastic, because having noted the amount of barking he does at the neighborhood dogs and the lunging he does while on the leash, his compatibility with other dogs was being questioned. He has proven himself trustworthy, however, so the next challenge will be the dog park! Woot!

By the way, it is possible to have a dog that's too smart. Ours has figured out that he can bribe US to get treats. Usually it's "I won't settle down until you pull out the treat. Then I'll lay down and be an angel until that one's disappeared", although about once an evening (when we're trying to get him outside for the night), he also pulls out the "You think I'm going to follow you to the door where I'm going to be locked out until the morning? Ha. Right. Pay up."

So we pay up, and Kara goes shopping for more dog treats tomorrow.

What a putz.

In awesome news, I got two pairs of name brand jeans from an online garage sale thing today for $25! I was stoked. Of course, I don't really need new jeans, and one of them is about three inches too long and will have to be hemmed, but one does not simply let a bargain like that pass. These things are normally $80-$90 apiece. Booyah.

Going to bed early tonight. Going to leave a little early tomorrow too, so I can get donuts before work. (Don't tell Tanner...I'll be in trouble!) They're calling my name. My salivary glands are answering.

This has turned into a really boring post, so I'll just leave now.

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