Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Randomocity time

The mom of the brood that makes up 90% of the daycare called in sick this morning, which means I get the day off work (which I gleefully pointed out to Tanner at early o'clock this morning before he left). Ordinarily, this would be awesome. But today, it means I have nothing to do but stare at all my dirty dishes, which, in turn, means that I will at some point end up doing said dishes and cleaning the bathroom and many other unsavory things.

But first I'm gonna waste time by posting a blog with no real purpose!

So, randomocity numero uno: That is exactly how much Spanish I speak. On occasion I can remember 2-10, but it's pretty infrequent.

Randomocity #2: I have recently re-fallen in love with my jaw clip. This isn't really a good thing though, because this happens pretty frequently:

I call it my "Unbrushed 90's Look". Since it takes about thirty seconds to do this do and upwards of five minutes to attempt brushing and styling it any other way, this is my go-to-do. And I'm sorry to say I've actually gone out in public with my hair like this. And it doesn't look very pretty from the front.

Randomocity #3: I took no fewer than twelve pictures of the back of my head to get one that didn't make me look alien-esque. I didn't know it was possible to take a bad back-of-the-head shot. Leave it to me, I'll figure out how to do it at some point...

Randomocity #4: This is some pretty awesome coffee cake I'm eating.

Randomocity #5: If you write out the word "Randomocity" enough, it starts seeming like an actual word. Kinda like the opposite of those times you say a word so often it stops sounding like a word. Like "bowl", for instance. Take a moment to say that twenty times, emphasizing different sounds and exaggerating lip movement. It will soon seem like something Martian.

Randomocity #6: This is a little rant I've been meaning to rant for quite a while. I'm assuming you've all heard of Hurricane Sandy...if not, go get yourself a newspaper and read this again in a little bit. About 8.5 million people were out of power because of it. Of course, all the lineman crews out there were working massive amounts of overtime to get them back into power, so almost every other state in this awesome country of ours sent some of their own crews over to help out. Two crews from Montana were sent, taking the best men from each section. Tanner was really hoping to go (and was bummed when he didn't get picked) until he heard stories from the linemen who had gone over.

These men were working 10-18 hour days seven days a week, sleeping on the floor in some warehouse (think really uncomfortable), eating meals from a cafeteria-ish setup. As they drove down the streets of the cities, however, their trucks would be egged, profanities would be yelled...pretty general mob anger.

I get that being without power for three weeks sucks. I really do. But to put it in perspective, there's people in the midwestern states that go longer than that without power during the really bad winter storms. Here's the thing though: they had more than a week's warning that this storm was coming. They knew what Katrina did to New Orleans, and yet they were apparently caught by surprise when their power went out. Weird. The cities set up refuges for the people who were out of power afterward because they knew it was going to be cold (weird how that happens in November) and that there would be many people without heat. Everything humanly possible had been done for these people.

From what I understand, much of the power grid in that area was pretty old; it's pretty hard for companies to replace all the old structures while the grid is also expanding, requiring whole new spans to be built as well. But let's look at this realistically. Even if the entire are had brand spanking new structures when this storm came through, the wind speed alone (it got up to 110 mph) would have had the power to snap poles in half, especially if we're talking about the normal forty-foot wood ones. The arms holding the wire are even more fragile than the base, obviously, and even a windstorm out here in Montana can have those breaking left and right. Factor in flying debris and flooding, and it could knock down some of those great big steel structures! Of course your power isn't going to stay on! So how, exactly is this the fault of the power company? I guess they just need someone to blame, but honestly--human nature is the cause of most big problems, and it for sure made this one worse. I have yet to hear any sort of thank you ("official" or otherwise) going out to all those men who didn't have a decent meal or a real bed to sleep on for three weeks. (I think our guys are still out there, actually, meaning they missed Thanksgiving as well.) So to all of them, here's wishing you a cup of hot coffee and the world's comfiest Lazy Boy when you get home. Thank you for all you've done!

Rant's done now...thanks for listening =)

Randomocity #7: Lt. Charles Dogford has a "Thankful List" that I've been meaning to post for about a week...but since this blog has gotten kind of long already and since my dishes still need done and the bathroom still needs cleaned, I think it'll wait until tomorrow at least. But now you have something to look forward to!


  1. I didn't stay too up on the Sandy stuff but what I did read was a little irritating, especially since you say they had time to prepare. So many of these folks didn't prepare at ALL based on stories I've read, and it's just like-- seriously? Do you live under a rock? The smallest amount of preparation would have made things so much easier for you and everyone around you.

    One story was about living in an apartment building that had electric access. Talk about bad planning... I like Montana. We can actually FUNCTION if we're without power, and the neighbors can come over if they need to share our wood stove. City living just gave itself another bad vote after Sandy.

    Meanwhile, I'm off to stock up on hand cranked flashlights and beans. I also want to try making candles.

  2. This great country of ours has raised some real ninnies. Maybe that area needs another hurricane to drown a few more of them.