Monday, November 19, 2012

Slight traffic rant

Say you're driving on a two-lane highway that is usually very busy, except that this particular Monday, for some reason it's not. You're having a very nice sixty mile drive with no cars driving annoyingly slow to get your blood pressure up. You don't even find yourself getting excited when you see the signs for passing lanes approaching, because, for once, you have no need of them. But when you reach said passing lane, there appears a car in front of you, approximately halfway down the four-lane stretch. It's too far away to determine how fast you are approaching it, so you figure you're going the same speed and don't worry about it.

Until the end of the passing lane.

Then your level of annoyance is so high it is actually most similar to homicidal because you were ten feet short of being able to pass the car that, unbeknownst to you, is actually going right around forty miles an hour.

This happened to me at literally EVERY passing lane between Three Forks and Helena this afternoon. Sometimes, I'd hit the gas and manage to pass the car in front of me, only to realize that there's a fully loaded cattle truck half a mile away that had just reached the "Right Lane Ends" sign.

I'm getting grumpy just talking about it.

Had a fun evening back home though! Except for the orthodontist appointment thing. I don't think I'll be eating anything but smoothies and ice cream for the next week. The good news that came from said tooth-wrenching appointment, however, was that I'm on month thirteen of eighteen with this blasted contraption. Then I shall no longer be Brace-Face! Three cheers, old chap. Cheerio.

I'm going to go ruin my liver with more Advil.

By the way...Have I mentioned my hubby says that weirdest things? The other day he got mad at the dog for "crop dusting".

Yeah, it took me a while to figure out what he meant too. It was right about the time I caught a whiff that my brain made the connection.

Later that afternoon, I hugged him from behind, and told him (somewhat proudly, as I went through a first aid course not too long ago) that I could perform the Heimlich. And I demonstrated. The reaction?

"Honey, I'm not sick! I don't need the Heimlich!"

That's why I married him. Seriously. I get an ab workout from laughing almost every day.


  1. Yes, it really was a spectacular evening, wasn't it? -- (conveniently skipping over your 40mph rants) -- only the best parts of "Cheaper by the Dozen" and bed by 9:00. Par-tay!! :-) Thanks for the yummy breakfast, love.

  2. DUDE, you need to STOP coming down here without telling me! You still have to bring Charlie to see us, and you still have bowls to pick up that are wearing a hole in my backseat, and I also have a skirt for you.