Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow Day!

I feel like I did when I was kid living in pansy-ish California, getting a day off of school when we got two inches of snow. Except that this time it's work, and twelve inches of snow, and to be honest, that's not even why I got the day off. I've just got this really cool boss who told me to stay home to work on a bunch of my half-finished projects. This may have something to do with the fact that I've borrowed her sewing machine for one of them and she probably wants it back sooner than later. Can't say I blame her! Thanks, Lichen =D

I was feeling strangely unmotivated to do the things I usually do before work this morning, though. Up until 8:20 when Lichen called, all I had done was shower and eat a bowl of Ramen and watch a documentary on dogs on Netflix. Oh, and I had thrown some clothes in the washer. Altogether, unproductive. But then I got that fateful phone call, realized that I couldn't use "time-crunch" as an excuse anymore, so I got cracking, starting by shoveling off the sidewalk. Not just in front of my house, but also in front of those on either side of us, and a couple more down as well. I shoveled about 2/3rds of our side of the block, honestly, and I'm not sure why I did it. Exercise, I suppose. And so that the mail lady can get through to get us our mail today, since she didn't yesterday. (I refuse to consider that the reason our mail box was empty was simply that no one loved us enough to send us junk.)

Afterwards, I washed the gargantuan pile of dishes cluttering up my counters, and now I actually enjoy looking at my kitchen! Amazing how that one thing can make the difference between a happy Kara and a grumpy one.

On a completely unrelated side track, who here can name all seven dwarves? It's apparently not a common trait. I can do it, as well as do the fold-in-half thing with my tongue. And that clover leaf thing too. Sorry, back on topic now.

All that's left now is some laundry folding and hanging, some bathroom cleaning, and a little bit of tidying. Instead of doing any of that, though, I'm working on one of these. Pretty slick, no? I'm crazy excited about it.

Sigh...I need a bigger living room. Charlie's tired of being cooped up,

so he's solving his problem by shoving his toy in my face for me to throw, and it only takes about the same amount of time as three words take to type, so this blogging thing is going pretty slowly. Were my living room larger, I might be able to squeeze in five or six words before he got back. I'm honestly surprised he's still speaking to me. After this morning, I wasn't sure if he would love or hate me, as I stuffed his kong with peanut butter and bacon flavored treats that are nearly impossible to get back out with anything but a pencil. He worked at it for a solid half hour.

It was no half-hearted effort. That toy got mauled, but survived, somehow. I love that thing.

This car has been scraped off twice today.

That one never did get scraped off, and probably won't all winter. I wonder what it would look like if the snow on it never melted, but it kept accumulating more all winter. My guess is that it wouldn't be visible beyond December.

And this is the sidewalk that has also been shoveled twice. I'm trying to get the victory and not complain all winter about the snow, but I really wouldn't mind if it would stop snowing on that particular spot. Just sayin. And on the roads. If it didn't snow on the roads, I would have no issue with it at all. Oh, and it would have to stop every time I walked outside.

Then I would like snow. But only then.

This is another reason I usually don't like snow. There used to be a blanket in this doghouse. Guess where it is now?

That's right, under a foot of snow, somewhere in our back yard. Poochy sure likes to drag it around. His NylaBone is out there somewhere too. Probably won't get either one back until the spring. Well, I'm off to work on my quilt a little more. And I'm going to enjoy a piece of this chocolate cake I made this morning. And I don't think I'm going to share. Maybe with Tanner if he asks very nicely. Maybe, but probably not. What can I say? Snow makes me uncharitable when it comes to sharing my delicious cake.

Hope the rest of you like snow more than I do, or no one's gonna get cake.


  1. How does Tanner feel about winter weather -- seeing how he has to work out in it all the time?

  2. Haha Kara, you are so funny. I've loved reading your posts... so much so I started following your blog ^_^. You make me wish we lived closer to each other. Then we could make goodies, word on projects, play with our dogs, and hide out from the weather together! Haha

  3. Mom: He's kind of impartial...the company is really good about properly outfitting their people, so he's got a good pair of Carhartt bibs and a vest from them, which helps immensely. I think a large part of his non-complaining is the lineman mentality of "we can do what no one else is tough enough to".

    Alishia: Lol that'd be a lot of fun...just convince your hubby to move out here!