Friday, November 2, 2012

The post of multiple topics...

First and foremost being, I have a new favorite. He arrived just a few days ago, and as he's smaller and sleeps more than the previous favorite, he trumps all.

Actually, L. is still pretty close...maybe I'll just have two favorites now. Or four...they're all uber adorable. Gotta love my job!

Anyway, world, meet Evan Buster.

So named because Lichen went into labor the day the Giants won the world series, and Daddy's favorite player's name is Buster. This boy will always have a story to tell, that's for sure.

Second, I went to babysit Roy's awesome kiddo, Joe. Funniest kid...Poor Kaylee was trying to teach piano lessons while he was running rampant, so to get some energy out, we had him run laps around the table. And he likes to count, so we counted with him.


Afterwards, it was deemed necessary to make himself dizzy. A little too dizzy, as evidenced by the last part of the video....


Thirdly, I got a new cookbook weighs approximately a hundred pounds, and I'm completely in love with it...there's about 4000 recipes I want to try in it. Well, more like 90, 'cause it's only got 1049 in it. But, considering most cookbooks only yield one or two decent sounding meals, I think I scored on this. Or, actually, Brenda did, as it was a wedding present.

It's fabulous.

And it's name is Taste of Home.

Fourthly (and probably lastly), Tanner somehow has me convinced to go hunting with him tomorrow. This means leaving at 5:30 on a Saturday. I must love this man. Or I'm completely delusional. Because of this I have made my worst fashion choice to date. It involves a bunch of orange.

Tanner stated, very matter-of-factly that this trip was not going to be a fashion statement. "No one's going to see you out there, you don't need to wear your cute new boots. In fact, I'd reccommend not, if you want to keep them cute. Oh, and wear a pair of jeans you don't like much. Maybe bring your muck boots, and that really ugly sweater you don't wear much, because it's going to be cold in the morning and you'll want a couple layers of sweatshirts."

Let's get one thing straight...I don't layer sweatshirts. Ever. Makes me look like I'd get places faster if I was rolling instead of walking.

"But...but....the wildlife needs to be taught about cute clothes! I can't just show up looking frumpy when their education is at stake!"

Needless to say, I lost that argument. Tanner quoted Bill Engvall later, "I'm there to shoot the deer, my wife's there to take it shopping!"

Well, if I thought I could find a pair of shoes that would fit over a set of hooves, it might be a possibility! Now don't you sass back at me!

Oh, thought that was the lastly, but this actually is.

Got home from donating my time to a noble cause (babysitting Joe), to find THIS:

That turd ate my bean dip! Of course, he was sneaky and left some on the sides so I wouldn't notice so quickly, but that didn't fool me for a second. Whadda brat. I'm hiding the next batch. Count on it.

The whole house is going to smell tonight.


  1. I love the twirling video! I totally remember doing that. I must say I giggled all the way through.

  2. Amy and I baby sat Kaylee on Tuesday. :-)

    I like Jeff Foxworthy's take on hunting with his wife better than Bill's... "She never shut up the whole time. 'Oh no, I got mud on my new boots, I love these little boots! I got them on sale for $79.99, you wanna know why? They're last year's boots. I don't think anybody'll notice, do you? Hold my hat, are my bangs even? Are they really even or are you just saying that? Where are all the deer? You said there were gonna be deer-- why are you putting your gun in your mouth?'"

    I might like JF too much.

  3. I am 100%not claiming the credit for teaching joe to run around the table :D i got tired last summer and he didnt. Solution was created.

  4. Love the videos! I miss the people so much!

  5. ah hahahaha! Thanks for the Saturday-morning laugh, love! I'm enjoying sitting here in my recliner, covered in a down comforter, thinking of you out freezing your butt off while you spend some quality time with your hubbie. (Incidently, did you know that a woman's butt is the coldest part of her anatomy? Seriously. I didn't know that, but I can believe it.)