Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today, I'm thankful for tired doggies.

We spent the day today up north with our nearly-Canadian cousins (we were like two miles from the joke!) It was a fun day full of little kiddos--the next generation of cousins--awesome food, good conversation, and, for the men, shooting a 50 calliber rifle at a target a mile away. This, Tanner tells me, was incredibly exciting.

Okay, dude.

Towards the end of the evening, I also got to spend close to an hour trying to hunt down two dogs that had disappeared at some point during the afternoon. Oh of them was Charlie.

We decided he'd have more fun with us, running around with another dog in a yard without a fence, than he would being left at home alone for twelve hours. So we loaded him up and made the two hour trip north, during which time he didn't stop pacing long enough to lay down and stop driving us crazy. We were more than happy to let him out of the car when we got there, and he was ridiculously excited to go run off with Blueberry, the dog of the residence. Figuring he would stick close to Blueberry who would in turn stay close to home, we didn't worry at all about him and went on merrily stuffing our faces as tradition suggests. Right around 3:30, though (an hour before it gets dark ridiculous), I realized that neither pooch was anywhere to be found. That was when I was told that Blueberry takes the occasional jaunt to the neighbor's house a couple miles away to chase their chickens.

Hence the search. Long story short, I found them both on my second round, running full-tilt down the road back toward the house. I still have no idea where they had gotten to, and I probably never will. I just know that the car was blessedly quiet on the trip home because he was snoozing in the back seat! This dog wore himself out to the point that he didn't even try to jump into the car like he normally does...he climbed in, one foot at a time. He walked up to the door and didn't even try to run off when we let him out of the car back home. And here's the real doozy...he didn't even finish his food!

The latter may have something to do with the fact that someone fed him a plateful of scraps while we were there. The gas he's experiencing right now might have something to do with that as well. Ugh.

Hope you guys had just as fabulous a day as we did! Anyone going Black Friday shopping tonight? I'm passing for now, but I hear we get to hit up Ace and Big R tomorrow morning for power tools. Wahooooo....

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  1. We had a fabulous day, too. The cats wanting out only drove us mostly insane, so we're good. Alas, the cold cereal didn't materialize, so we snacked on orange rolls, seven-layer dip and chips (me), white cheddar popcorn, vitamin water, leftover alfredo noodles (Stephanie), and probably some other stuff which my brain is too fuzzy to recall. There's a pumpkin pie sitting on the counter waiting for some whipped cream, but by the time I thought to get some, both stores were sold out of anything resembling cream. Or Cool Whip. Or Dream Whip. Did get some egg nog, though. :-)