Sunday, December 16, 2012

I need to post about something, but what?

This blog is already following the trend of every blog I've ever written. We'll just say it's because I've been pretty busy the last week, and haven't had time to do much in the way of writing, and I promise I'll be better.

So...what's been going on around here? I've been doing the work thing, as always, the kids are adorable, as always, but I've forgotten to take my camera to work the last few days, so I haven't caught any of said cuteness to show you folks. I have, however, taken quite a few pictures of Charlie, just because it's fun now that I have a cool camera. Will be posting those later, as they're still working on loading, and I have to sort through and find the ones I actually like. I think I'll also be making an album on Facebook devoted to him soon.

Charlie, by the way, is one class away from graduating his training class! He's still as big a pest as ever, but we're figuring out how to deal with his energy a little better. I'm going to teach him how to play hide and seek one of these days. He's been learning a crazy amount of tricks at his class...the trainer loves him and has fun doing that when we run out of other things to do at the end of class. So far he stands on his hind legs, does a little ballerina twirl (still a work in progress), crawls, bows, plays dead (BANG!), and rolls over. Most of these, he picked up in about ten minutes. I swear, we're dealing with the smartest dog EVER. He also is working on holding a treat on his nose (he hates it...he glares at me the entire time he's not crosseyed), and he has mastered the art of leaving the treats on his paws alone until given permission to eat them. One at a time.

He has a love-hate relationship with his tricks. He hates half of them, but loves his bacon flavored treats.

Camera has almost loaded all the pictures...hold on...

Heeeeerrrreee's CHARLIE!

"Sup, y'all?"

Sorry, no caption for this one, just think it's funny.

Ever watch a hyped up dog, forced to wait an unbearable ten seconds for his ball while his human gets her camera ready? This is what it looks like when she says "Okay".

"I got it, Ma! See? I didn't let it get away!"

"I'm proud of you, Charlie."

Side shot...

I love my dog. Really, honest, and truly. He's my second favorite dork.

This is my first favorite dork.

This is what he really looks like. When my camera isn't chin level and angled to view the inside of his nose. I think he's kinda cute.


  1. Both of your dorks are pretty cute. I wonder how Tanner would look waiting ten seconds for his treat. (grin)

  2. LoL at Shirley! I was thinking the same thing! I'm a terrible blogger, but I love catching up on all your posts! Wish we were closer Kara! If you ever find yourself in, near NE, look me up! ^_^