Sunday, December 9, 2012

The one with the pictures from the NEW camera!!!

Just ask Tanner and Lichen. I went a little nuts with the new camera. Firstly when it showed up (along with my new tablecloth seen here) at about six o'clock Wednesday evening and I had to play with it a little (lot), then again Thursday when I went to work. The theory that if you take a bunch of pictures, you'll eventually get a good one is true, I discovered--I took 620 pictures the first day and got about ten good ones.

Went shopping with Lichen on Friday (which was a BLAST, by the way, and pushing her adorable daughter around the mall in no way gave me baby fever. Not at all.) so I didn't get to use it then, but Saturday before we left for Bozeman, I took some of Charlie playing outside, and if I do say so myself, they are some of the COOLest pictures ever. It's got this sports setting that lets you take up to ten pictures in like two seconds, so I have some shots of him running that are to die for. I also got a little caught up taking zoomed in pictures of Tanner's face, but I deleted those for his sake. comes the onslaught of way cooler pictures than I ever could have taken with my phone. Ready, set, GO!

Starting with the day care ones since they're already loaded onto the computer and edited where need-be:

Must start out with my favorite. These smiles happen so fast it's impossible for my prehistoric phone to catch them fast enough. But lookithowcute!!!

I adore this girl. But she's got this thing where she doesn't smile until AFTER you take the picture. Then you get the goofiest, wrinkled nose grins ever to grace the face of a toddler. So I learned that the trick was to take a picture, but keep the camera ready for the next shot that would actually be decent. It worked!

I can't get over how blue P's eyes are. She's SUCH a pretty baby! And she's working on crawling, now! Look out world...she'll be in all sorts of mischief when she gets it figured out. You can see it in those big baby blues of hers.

The oldest of our bunch, E. Studiously studying the new Melissa and Doug toy Lichen found at Ross. There's some awesome new stuff going down around this daycare.

"Is this so? I shall have to investigate. Tell me more, good chap."

And this is B...she has a thing for this pile of pillows and stuffed animals. I very often find her buried in them so deep that all you can see are her feet! No idea how she does it, but it makes me chuckle every time I see it!

Remember this guy? The one born not too long ago (about five weeks, I think. Maybe six)...well, he's gotten so BIG! He's working on picking his head up when he and Mom have tummy time. Super adorable. I might have two dozen pictures kind of similar to this one...

Come eleven o'clock, it's time to play outside! And oh, do these girls dig it. I do too. It wears them out just in time for naptime. Are we devious or what? In the interest of the afore-mentioned plot, I often have B and E run "races" around the yard. And then spin as long as they can, and then crab walk, and then

do jumping jacks. (Have I mentioned I love the sports setting on my camera??)

Luuuuukeee SKYWALKER! This light saber was THE thing to play with on Thursday. Every kid had a turn with it, and somehow, there wasn't even any bickering over who got it next.

It truly has the Force.

R wasn't thrilled about having done four faceplants.

The first word that comes to mind here is "cherub". No joke. Cutest little girl...and kinda funny when she's running around with her pants falling down around her diaper talking in two word sentences.

I love my job.

Now, you're about to be barraged with pictures of Charlie that I think are just as cute as the kid pictures. Strap on your seat belts and be prepared to giggle like crazy.

"Look, Ma, I'm dancin'!"

Oh, by the sunset tonight...I snapped all sorts of pictures as we were headed back through Helena.

This is Tanner's favorite. Any guesses why?

One more "Awwww" picture...I think this one's getting framed.


  1. You got some really good ones, love :-) Love this last one of Charlie and -- yup -- the power pole watching the sunset.

  2. What kind of camera did you get Kara? I just got a new one too! My New Years Resolution is to take at least one picture every day for the next year ^_^ Posting it on my blog is going good so far, but as I've said before, I'm a terrible blogger! We'll see if it lasts the whole year ^_^