Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The one with the pictures

I was going to post all of these on the previous post, but realized it was getting really long already, and as it's been over a week since I last posted, I have a LOT of pictures to pour upon you in a deluge. So, here goes. Oh, and I'm adding them backwards, because that's the easiest way to get them off my phone, so you may want to read from the bottom up. Just a thought. It'll be in chronological order that way, at least.

B insisted I take a picture of her as well, since I was already in the vicinity, and because she thought she looked so stinking cute in the bouncer. Okay, she did. But this kid looks cute anywhere, so it's a moot point.

Just had to take this picture of L...even though you can't really tell what he's doing. Lichen had just hung a teething-monkey-toy-thing off the rail that hangs above his bouncer, and he was just fascinated with it. And a fascinated four-month-old is adorable, let me tell you.

Came out after breakfast to read a book to the kids (or something...not entirely sure what I was going to do), and spotted this. There is a girl buried in the stuffed animals. It took me a second to realize what I was looking at.

And B. I couldn't get a picture of her where she wasn't blinking!

Read Dr. Seuss's ABC book to the kids this morning. When Lichen revealed that she had a pair of goo-goo goggles (as mentioned in the book), the kids had to try them on. E's turn...

This was one of the first things I got to do this morning. I love my job. Lookit that wittew piece of cuteness! He went on to sleep three hours this afternoon, which pushed him even higher up my favorites list. Oh, and he didn't puke or pee on me today...definite bonus.

R still seems to think that this is her domain. She lays there and throws her legs up and down to make herself bounce, giggling all the while. She's a pretty cute little stinker, although, unfortunately, that's frequently literal.

Drinking from buh-buh-bottles. And yes, we actually talk like that. It's quickly becoming second nature.

This week is "B" week, meaning we emphasize everything "B". So, E and B got to play that they were buh-buh-babies...

I don't know why, but I think this picture is kind of awesome. P's look of focus is pretty intense.

See, wasn't that easier to read from the bottom?

Hopefully, these will be the last pictures ever uploaded from my phone, as I'm getting a brand new camera tonight!!! UPS says it's been out for delivery since six o'clock this morning, so it should be here within the next couple of hours! Then Tanner will be driven crazy by it and my recently acquired 32 GB memory card. Funny story, when I was at Walmart buying said memory card, I stopped to look at flash drives as well, to move pictures onto. I then stopped and laughed at myself. They didn't carry anything that was even the same size as my memory card, so it'd work better just to buy a new one whenever it fills up than to buy two 16GB flash drives. Or maybe I'll get an Instagram account. That'd work. It's harder to lose one of those than an itty bitty piece of plastic.

Well, I'd better be off...I've got quite a bit of laundry to get caught up on.

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  1. I actually read this post from the bottom up as suggested, but didn't understand why it made a difference. Mayhaps my cognitive skills have wilted somewhat.

    BUT . . . the picture of Stephanie holding the baby that didn't puke or pee on you kind of blew my mind. When did she start working with you? Maybe it's my cognitive skills again, but I never realized you two look so much alike. At least in blurry-ish taken-with-a-cell-phone-in-a-mirror pictures and with my laptop screen back too far. Huh.