Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It's been quite a while! Although I started this blog with the best of intentions, it seems to have the same habits as some (actually, all) of my old ones that are now buried in cyberspace. Hopefully I can keep it alive a little longer!

So the last time I blogged, I had gotten Tuesday off work. I ended up working about two days that week, as I had company for the weekend (more on that later) and requested a couple days off. The only real momentous thing that I'm remembering from those two working days is that little P began to attempt to crawl! It's kind of exciting =) She got ridiculously annoyed at me after a while of holding toys just out of her reach, and eventually started screaming, resulting in a speedy reaquisition of said objects. Lichen says that as exciting as this is right now, we're probably going to eventually rue the day we encouraged her to become mobile. Having three (or more) babies to watch isn't that tough of a feat if they stay where you put them. The same cannot be said for the walking one- and two-year-olds!

So, my company! We had a blast with the in-laws this weekend (I'm corrected...MY in-laws, not Tanners. Psh. Hair splitter)...they came over on the train Friday afternoon, and we spent the weekend gallavanting around town. Actually, we mostly worked on a bunch of projects around the house, namely, my half-painted kitchen. I have never met a woman as handy with a paint brush as my mother-in-law--she single handedly painted half the cupboards in two days while I worked on the hallway. I'm so excited to have this much done! Makes it seem do-able to finish it now!

We headed out to Lewistown on Sunday, saw some wonderful people, heard some wonderful things, then came back home and had us some wonderful MacKenzie River Pizza. I dig their Thai Pie. I'm convinced that mandarin oranges are good with pretty much anything, since they're so amazing on pizza!

Monday, we did some more painting, went shopping (and got some awesome new pots and pans, a squishy mat for the kitchen, a pastry cutter, a dish drying mat...I could go on and on) then headed up back up north to drop the folks off at the train back home. It was a bit of a reality shock going back to work the next day after having had such a fun weekend, but I hear employers don't really like it much if you just don't show up...

So, back to the daily grind!

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