Thursday, January 3, 2013

Of things forgotten. And chili.

Don't you hate it when you think of something that needs to be done relatively quickly, so you put down your computer (pausing, in the meantime, your Facebook stalking and Pinteresting, and possibly the Grey's Anatomy or Red Dwarf you're watching on Netflix) to go do it, but by the time you get to where you were supposed to do the aforementioned thing of a slightly imperative nature, you've forgotten what it was?

Yeah, me too. And I hope it wasn't all that imperative, because I just spent five minutes writing that sentence about something I forgot ten minutes ago. I figure that since the house hasn't burned down yet, I'm safe for the time being.

Is that smoke I smell?


It's actually chili. And it smells phenomenal. I put ketchup in it this time to see what it does to the flavor. I found out a while ago (while cooking lunch for the daycare kids) that ketchup and Worcestershire (yes, I did just spell that from memory, thank you! I can also spell pancreas on command. I have a gargantuan repetoir of unuseful talents) sauce do wonderful sloppy joes make when combined with hamburger and hot dogs! Anyway. Just an experiment. And no, I don't plan to tell Tanner about it until he's eaten a bowlful and complimented it.

Conspiratory you say? Never.

He kinda needs to get home though, because he's going to be bringing home some French bread to go with it, plus I would feel a little bad eating without him. Just a little maybe....No. I'll wait. Five more minutes.

Have I mentioned that I love short weeks? I mean, huzzah for holidays and the four day weekends they bestow upon the lowly working class. This means that tomorrow, which feels like Wednesday, is, in fact, FRIDAY. And there was great rejoicing throughout the land.

I've decided to take Charlie to work with me tomorrow, to celebrate the last day of "D" week, and the kids are crazy excited. I'm sure he will be too when he finds out what's in store for him. And, to make the situation even cooler, they'll want to play with him for hours, thus tiring both him AND them out, just in time for naptime. It'll be fab.

But then I have to take him home, load myself back into the car, and take off to Belgrade for not one but two tooth-related appointments. Not really looking forward to it. The appointments, anyway. The upsides are going to be seeing my mama for three days (which she doesn't know yet, by the way. Hey ma, I'm coming down tomorrow night through Monday prepared!) which will surely include breakfast at IHOP. I may also get to spend my Saturday cavorting with equines and the equestrians upon them. I'm thinking this may be a very good time to pull out the camera again. Oh the possibilities.

Someday, I will learn what each button on my camera does and how to use it. So far I use a grand total of four. The power button, clicky clicky take picture button, lookit pictures button, and itty bitty trash can button. I learned my technical language from the best.

There's a rumbly in my tumbly. Tanner may be out of luck. I've been blogging trying to keep my mind off the smell emanating from the kitchen, but it's just not working anymore. He told me he'd be home at six, and it is now six-oh-one. I'd call that forfeit.

Don't worry, I'll save him some.

IF he brings home the French bread.