Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oopsa daisy...

It has been brought to my attention (by my own conscience, that traitor) that I haven't posted in quite a while. Twenty days to be exact. And my reasoning for it is thus:

Nothing has happened.

Nothing of import, at any rate. But, in the interest of keeping my readers supplied with reading material, I'm about to douse you in a deluge of frivolous details that will numb your brain, much like War and Peace or Grapes of Wrath or Epitaph for a Peach (which most of you have probably never heard of...a blessing you should consider being thankful for).

So. To start out,

-I've filled my gas tank three times since Saturday. Reason being---

-I went to Belgrade to get my horsey on, and it was fabulous. I chipped frozen poop off the ground, got hay in crevices of my clothing I didn't even know existed, and posted a trot so long my butt muscles cramped up a bit. But it was AWEsome. I left Tanner at home with his to-do list and--

-He trimmed the branches that have been scraping against the window (and subsequently driving me nuts) for AGES. Upon my arrival back at the abode, many brownie points were awarded.

-I bought a new watch whilst grocery shopping at Walmart.

-Tanner still hasn't noticed.

-I'm wondering how long I should wait for that phenomenon to occur naturally before I instigate the dawn of comprehension.

-I apparently ingested a dictionary. Or it's just been too long since I've blogged and all these big words have piled up in my brain with no place to go for the last twenty days and now I've opened the floodgates and all of a sudden, I'm like an English textbook.

-L (my favorite, remember?) learned how to roll over, and now refuses to participate in tummy time. He thinks all tummy time should be back time, and shows us, over and over and over and over...That boy is too cool for school.

-I'm attempting to learn the Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin) by...uh...tomorrow (ha!) for a lady at the assisted living place I play at who specifically requested it. Upon playing it for her tomorrow, I forsee one of two things happening:
     1) All fond memories associated with the song with be soured by my stilted rendition of it, or
I don't actually have an option #2, because #1 is basically what's going to happen. I should call in sick tomorrow.

-I bought a three-pack of Lysol wipes (that I never use) for no reason except that they were on sale and it makes me look like a germ-conscious, doorknob-scrubbing, good housekeeper when I have them around. They will now sit in my cupboard and dry out, most likely. Or I'll take them to the daycare and donate them to the greater good.

-Charlie starts the next phase of his training on Monday. Oh, and speaking of Charlie, that utter TURD ate my freshly made cheesy bread right off the counter! While I was ten feet away in the bathroom, no less. The only upside to that particular story is that I scared him so bad when I yelled at him that he may have *ahem* tinkled a little. And that gave me a good story to tell pretty much everyone.

Aaaand now it's time for bed. I promise I'll try to post more. Cross my heart, (don't really) hope to die, Stick a...[contact] in my eye.

My attempts at humor get lamer and lamer as the night goes on. Sorry.

Night, all!

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  1. I sort of liked it. But yeah, you should probably go to bed. :-)