Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Post-Sick Day...

There has been a bug floating around. The thing about bugs is that it makes kids sick, which makes them contagious, which prevents them from going to daycares.

I had the last two days off.

Went back to work today to welcome back four previously-sick little kiddos. The nice thing about sickness (for Lichen and I, anyway) is that it drastically reduces energy levels. Today was the quietest full-attendence day I think we've ever had. Instead of pulling out every available toy, they sat quietly in a row on the couch and watched Strawberry Shortcake. Instead of getting in fights over who had what when, they all wanted to cuddle! ALL of them. Apparently that's something I can add to my resume: I can hold four kids at once. While bottle feeding one of them.

Then, on top of all the peace and quiet, they ate lunch with no fuss (they even complimented my cooking!), and then took two hour naps, during which time, Lichen, beef cake that she is, installed a new diaper changing station, similar to the ones found in gas station bathroom stalls, only not as germy. Holy buckets...who could ask for more?

There is, however, one downside to kids being sick.

It's contagious.

I'm gonna go to sleep now.

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  1. Aww, I'm sorry, love. Tell you what: Aunt Sharon'n I will cook you up some nummy chicken soup. Then we'll eat it for you since you won't feel up to it (and since it would not only be yucky, but you'd be all better by the time UPS got it to you). So hurry and get better since we're taking such good care of you. mk?