Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Drat...I spoiled him.

Wednesday is my self-proclaimed day off from making dinner, mostly because of the time crunch created when I also have to read and get ready for meeting, but also because I like being off the ball sometimes. I didn't feel too bad leaving Tanner to his own devices this evening, because we have leftovers coming out of our ears. I even made it easier by rattling off a list of everything in the fridge that he could have.

"There's some of that pork that would make a good quesadilla, or there's hamburger fried up that you could make nachos with--I even got new chips so you don't have to use the crumbs from the old bag. Or, I could boil up some noodles to go under that casserole, or of course, there's enchiladas from last night, but you had those for lunch today, so that's probably not high on the list, huh?"

I let him ponder his options for a while.

Then he came to me and said, "You know what sounds good? Grilled cheese and soup!"

There was massive eye-rolling on my part. Then he added, "Will you make it for me?"

I almost head butted a wall. "Hun, you can make that just fine on your own!" This is recalling the fact that he actually lived as a bachelor for a while before I started cooking for him. The large supply of tomato soup in the cupboard suggested that that was one of his main meals for a while. "It's not hard in the first place, but to make it easier, there's even cheese that's already been shredded. Pull out a baggie, dump it on your bread and fry it up. Then heat a can of soup in the pot that's already on the stove and you're good to go!"

"Nevermind...I'll just have enchiladas."


  1. I'm with Tanner on this one. Somehow a quick meal seems like more work than a real one...

    On another note, go check out the potato rounds pin that I threw on my tried board. They're fabulous, and a very husband friendly, freezer friendly snack to keep around. I plan to make them in bulk. :-D

  2. hmmm . . . grilled cheese and tomato soup DOES sound good! Would you make some for me? I could be there in three hours.