Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It had to happen sometime...

Lichen has been out of town since Friday, visiting her family in New Mexico, and has left me in charge of the daycare in her absence (muahahahaha!). She was, understandably, a little nervous to leave, because everyone knows about Murphy and that pesky law of his. Our main concern is that the state inspector will decide to do her surprise yearly inspection while she is gone (yeah, it would stink if that happened), but only slightly less worrisome is the fact that some crazy emergency will happen while I'm here, and I will be stuck in the middle of a typhoon with five or six kids and no one to help me. So far, I've been getting my hopes up for an uneventful week, seeing as I've made it halfway through with nothing terrible occurring. I've been able to give Lichen good reports every time she's called to check up on things.
Until today. Typhoons may not strike Montana very often--well, ever, I guess--but tornados do, apparently. Very small, two-year-old types with an affinity for blue paint.
Apparently, while I was on the phone with Lichen, giving her the daily report, C snuck into the classroom and got into the supply closet. She's so good at being under the radar (and closing doors quietly) that I didn't notice her absence for about five minutes, which is enough time for a disaster to occur when a toddler is involved. I'm not going to waste time explaining the mess. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?


  1. The last picture made me laugh so hard! Looks like she even tasted the paint....

  2. Looks like everything's washable anyway. Coulda been worse. (Looking at the bright (blue) side.) ;-)