Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tyler and Alexa

I have spent the last two days on and off my computer trying to figure out how to blog about this weekend. Because it's been awesome. But I can never remember the stories to tell, and when I do, they never come out as funny in print as they do in my head. I think they call this writer's block.

At any rate, Tyler and Alexa have been here with Kolt since Friday afternoon. I've been consistantly amazed at how twin-ish Tyler and Tanner are. Alexa and I compared notes about them Friday night as they went out to get us ice cream (that's what they call whipped, right?), and it turns out they both snore, talk in their sleep, like blowing stuff up (they've been talking all weekend about wanting to go out somewhere where they can shoot a can of propane), and they both have the gay voice perfected.

Kolt is as ridiculously cute as he was the last time I saw him (back in August at our wedding reception), but he's considerably chattier than he was then, and repeats anything you tell him to. Tyler's working on turning him into a gangster with the "Yo, wassup"'s and the "Whaddup gangstuh?"'s. Not long after they got here, when Tanner and Tyler were comparing pistols and holsters, we gave Kolt a mini rifle to play with (fake, of course), and he hasn't set it down since. He's killed the "deersth" in every picture we've got multiple times, and has gotten Tanner to go on indoor escapades with him. It's a little adorable.

Don't tell Tanner this, but I may have married him for the sole purpose of having Kolt as a nephew. Okay, that's not the only reason, but it sure didn't hurt!

Charlie has gotten used to having company pretty quickly...he likes to get up close and personal. Last night Kolt's bath was transformed into a play session for both of them--Kolt throwing water at Charlie by the bucket, and Charlie going nuts trying to catch the droplets in his mouth. It kept everyone entertained for a good ten minutes before we realized we shouldn't be ankle deep in water. Okay, it wasn't that bad.

I have a little confession to make.

I accidentally booby-trapped the guest room bed.

We've got two twins pushed together into a king, but we bought them separately and didn't realize until we got them next to each other that they're very different heights. Back when we had Joyce and Eldon staying with us, we just left them how they were, since we didn't really know what to do to fix it. After they left, though, I decided that it should be fixed no matter what it took, so I set about jerry-rigging something up involving a fluffy comforter and a feather topper.

Turns out, that only made it worse.

Before going to bed last night, Tyler came out holding both feather topper and comforter. Apparently, they had widened the gap between the beds instead of filling it in, and Tyler had disappeared halfway into it during the night. Alexa hadn't noticed it until the morning, when she rolled over and dropped a foot and a half into the abyss.

I don't know why people even visit us.


  1. ah hahaha! Well, you could try egg crate foam on the lower bed, then a thinner foam across the whole thing to cover the crack. Or you could just make them up separately, then push them r-e-a-l-l-y close together. Or you could leave them on opposite sides of the room and have fun visualizing how your guests find a solution to the dilemma. :-)

  2. So I was sitting in the stands at the kage cart races reading this and I'm pretty sure everyone around me thought I was going nuts cause all of a sudden I just started laughing rather loudly for no apparent reason.

  3. Kara my darling I have not met you yet BUT - I love you. You are as much fun and crazy of the boys are. This is great - keep sending them...... xxxxoooo

  4. How about wood blocks under the shorter bed leg? haha. You are so funny! I love reading all your crazy stories ^_^ You guys have too much fun :D