Monday, March 11, 2013

A little catching up

I'm sure you're all dying to know how my weekend was, right? I thought so. So, it started out with me getting off work early because I had company coming to town and dishes to do. Tanner's friend Travis and his girlfriend Kyla were on a cross-country trip to move Travis up to Washington (he's in the military), so they decided to swing in for the weekend. Friday night marked the first night in months that Tanner and I have stayed up until midnight. I'm thinking Travis and Kyla are under the impression we've gotten old before our time. They stayed all day Saturday (there was some shopping involved), then left around 9:30 Sunday morning.

Okay, now jumping back to Thursday: During recess, R managed to feed herself (purposely, even) two large mouthfulls of dirt. Apparently, not long after I'd left that afternoon, she started throwing up, which completely mystified (and grossed out) Lichen. She told me about it the next morning, and I then remembered to tell her about the little incident the day before. There was a collective "Ooooh, that's it!" and so we went on with our day.

Turns out, however, that that was NOT it. Lichen went down to Kalispell with both kids and her husband to see her in-laws for the weekend, and, though not a single bit of dirt entered her mouth, got sick. I don't envy her that situation one bit. I found all this out after I texted her Sunday afternoon, wondering why I was feeling sick to my stomach. Ah...turns out it WAS contagious.

I've got the day off today, consequently. I plan to spend it doing absolutely nothing. Then hopefully by this afternoon, I'll have the energy to take Charlie to his very last training class. Speaking of Charlie...he's been relatively calm all morning, just standing or sitting by me as I veg on the couch. Maybe dogs do have some sort of sicksth sense (get it? That was a play on words!).

I guess this is one of those things no one ever tells you about being a preschool teacher--that you end up catching absolutely everything that floats through the air. Tanner was musing last night that we tend to catch every epidemic that floats through the area. "Yes, dear...that's because I work in a petri dish."

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  1. Sorry you're sick, love. Hope you're all better by Friday :-) (can't wait!)