Thursday, July 11, 2013

The one where I try to catch up after my last post in March...

Only four months ago, right? Not that bad, considering my track record with other blogs that would have breaks upwards of a year between posts. Regardless, this does leave me with a lot of catching up! For those who are friends with me on Facebook, most of this is old hat, but I'll touch base on most of the major things just to make sure.

March 14th we found out we're expecting our first offspring! Facebook found that out in May. Middle of June we found out that the little munchkin is a boy, and we're crazy excited...PLEASE don't ask us about names...the list is still about as long as this post is going to be, and it probably won't get shortened down to a first and middle until about three years from now. We plan to call him Offspring #1 until then. Only kidding. Or am I? Anyway, he's due a week before Thanksgiving, and I'm sure you'll hear a lot more about him if I stay on the ball with the blog. I'll have to if I want an outlet for the thousands of pictures I'm sure to take of him...he's bound to be cute, judging by Tanner's genes!

At the end of March, we bought our first house! We're out of town a ways, with a nice big yard for Charlie to run around in...the issue now is that he seems to think that our neighbors' yards are also his territory. But more on that later. We've got us three bedrooms now, as opposed to two, which means I'm no longer torn about whether I'm going to have a guest room OR a nursery...I get both! I've got such a great gimme attitude, don't I? Tanner has an unfinished basement, as well, which has already been turned into a man cave, complete with a work bench and mismatched furniture. My laundry "room" (the washer and dryer are just pushed up along the wall...nothing special) is down there, though...that is designated the woman corner. Also....I HAVE A DISHWASHER! There was great rejoicing in the household the first time I ran it.

The last bit of news we have hasn't been broadcast very far because it's pretty recent, but we've decided that Charlie needs a new home with someone who can give him a job. Despite the big yard and more toys than he knows what to do with, he's not content to stay home anymore. We've had to keep him tied up for the last three days just to keep him from running off down the road to cavort with every other dog in the neighborhood. Tuesday he was gone for an hour and a half before someone managed to catch him. So even though I swore I'd never be one to give up a dog I've adopted, I posted an ad for potential owners. The man who's going to take him is going to train him to go duck hunting, which I think will be fabulous for him. An actual job will do wonders for his boredom. We're going to miss him like crazy, but I think it's probably the best thing to do in the situation.

Anyway...Here's some pictures of last weekend when Tanner dragged my sorry, lazy, whining butt up to the top of Tower Rock. (It was actually pretty cool)

The view from halfway up. I was optimistic to hope that that would be the end of the climb.

Tanner was having a ball running his RC car around on the rocks and catching a few pictures and videos of it.

 Okay, I'll just go take some more pictures. I'm taking pictures of trees. Can we go yet?

"Seriously? This isn't even the coolest part! We have to go up to the top!" I think he was testing my love for him.

"Oh, and careful...there's snakes."
If I get bitten, will you carry me the rest of the way?

The answer to that was no, which is why the following pictures were taken. Partially. I actually just think he has a cute butt.


His car had a good's pretty neat watching it climb almost straight up the side of a rock.

Speaking of rocks...those were pretty cool, too. And plenteous, let me tell you!

And of course, with rocks come mountain goats! There were two sets of mama's and babies that we saw, and they were having a ball, hanging off the edge of a two hundred foot cliff by their toenails. I'm glad I'm not a mountain goat, that's for sure.
And deer...can't forget them! They stood and watched us for a while before...
Taking off, like deer are wont to do.

Also attempted to take some pictures of the two of us...this is the best of them. I'm fairly certain that this is the first picture of us that we've taken since our engagement pictures back in May 2012, so it was about time. Note the "bump" that looks more like I've just been eating too much :) Oh well...I've only just hit 21 weeks, so I'm sure I'll expand quite a bit more before November rolls around!

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  1. Ha! Love it! I've missed your posts (but of course, no pressure to produce more; that would be un-motherly of me).