Monday, August 19, 2013

He made me terrible.

Not terrible, actually. I've never laughed that hard in my life. I actually was crying. Apparently, Tanner doesn't "Think fast!", and cannot catch a roll of paper towels with the side of his face. And then when he called me out on the fact that I hadn't warned him until after I'd thrown them, I laughed even harder. 'Cause it was true. I wonder how much longer he'll stick around?

Anyway, today, I think, marks the first day that nesting has kicked in. Yesterday a little, too, but this is the first day I acted on it. Yesterday, my mind just clicked into overdrive and all of a sudden, I decided I was going to single handedly remodel the house. Tanner just sat there, listened, and smirked. And then panicked a little when I announced my very real intention to start popcorn ceiling removal. The only issue with that plan is that I need a ladder, which he needs to borrow from work, so he has the ability to prolong the wait as long as he wants. I'm going to have to figure out a way around that.

Since I didn't have a ladder, I started cleaning like I've never cleaned before, this morning. My bathroom is sparkling, as it got completely cleaned (not just kinda-sorta wiped down) for the second time since we moved. I know, I'm a horrid person, but in my defense, we haven't had company (besides Kirstyn, and that's when it got its wipe-down), and I loathe cleaning bathrooms. But this time I even washed the rugs, since I was going laundry anyway, and they are currently hanging on the line waiting to be brought in (I'm environmentally friendly, too!).

Then I cleaned the kitchen, got annoyed at the scuff marks on the floor, and proceeded to mop the whole thing on hands and knees with a Magic Eraser. It's pretty sparkley now, too. Sometimes, a Swiffer just doesn't cut it. I even scrubbed down the stupid little corners where the linoleum goes up the wall a ways (apparently, that was their form of a baseboard way back when. I will never understand those who lived in the seventies) and under the fridge and right up under the door jams.

Now with all that out of the way, I can go wash windows and paint with a clear conscience. Holy cow, I'm nuts. But I am a little excited to use my new squeegee on the windows...I made a special trip to town to get one.

Will someone come visit me in the asylum?

Oh, also...the Dollar Store rocks. I adore it.


  1. Bring your nesting to my house please. It could use an overhaul but Im not feelin the cleaning mode :)

  2. Pretty sure you can do popcorn ceilings without a ladder...just use a sandpaper swiffer mop. Okay, I have no idea what they're called, but it looks like a swiffer except it has a sheet of sandpaper on the bottom. You can totally reach the ceiling with it. Hurry up your cleaning, 'cause we leave in 11 days!!!

    Btw, you might want to steer clear of the Container Store while we're in Oregon and you're in Nesting Mode. Bad combo.