Monday, August 26, 2013

It's that time of year again!

That's right...hunting season. Almost. Right now, it's scouting season. That's why I found myself talked into going camping with Tanner last weekend, away from cell service, away from air conditioning, and away from anything resembling a bathroom. I wasn't expecting to have much fun, to be honest...I'm kind of a Debby Downer that way. But, I kinda like this guy, so I decided to humor him.

Turns out, it actually was pretty fun! Things started looking up the moment we pulled in to our camping spot and realized that there actually was a bathroom! Even though the term "bathroom" is used very loosely here (meaning four walls constructed around a hole in the ground covered with a toilet seat), it was much more bearable knowing I wasn't just going to have to go find a secluded spot in the woods thirteen times a day.

This particular campsite had a camp host, who turned out to be a super nice guy named Ray. He came out to chat with us approximately two and a half minutes after we pulled in, asking Tanner what he was scouting, where he was planning to go, and, of course, telling us about all the bear sightings that had happened in the area over the last week.


Let it be known, that for some reason, one side effect of pregnancy for me has been that I've turned into a complete ninny. No matter what we're doing, be it driving down the road or eating a sandwich, my mind immediately jumps to the worst case scenario. Take camping, for example. I packed about three hundred extra things, because I wanted to make sure we'd have the one little item that would ensure our survival if the forest burned down around our ears or Tanner broke his leg and I had to drag him to the nearest town approximately a million miles away on a stretcher built of duct tape and branches. Needless to say, after hearing about bear sightings, I was a little on edge the rest of the weekend. I knew exactly how many steps were between me and the shotgun at all times.

So, we got camp set up and decided to go ride the four wheeler around to find some of the trails Tanner was going to hike over the next couple of days. We rode around for probably forty-five minutes. And then I saw a bear. Like, an honest to goodness, no joshin', twenty feet away from us, BEAR. I squeaked a little, and grabbed Tanner around the neck.

And that's when I realized that bears don't have hooves. And they don't eat grass, or look like cows.

I also realized that Tanner hasn't realized that it's unwise to laugh at an over-anxious pregnant lady. Seriously. It wasn't THAT funny, but I suspect I won't live it down any time soon.

Anyway, that was the extent of the actual excitement on our trip. Tanner got his scouting done and saw some elk sign, while I sat by the fire and read copious amounts. That part was pretty nice. Oh, and the steaks we cooked over the fire were absolutely stellar. I'd go camping again in a heartbeat just for another one of those.

Now that we're all unpacked from that trip, I've spent the day today packing again! This time, to go to Oregon with Kirstyn in the pursuit of peaches to can. I'm crazily excited, but at the same time, I'm worried that I'll come home to a severely emaciated husband. We're having one last decent meal before I leave tonight, so hopefully that will stick with him a while. Granted, I do have a large supply of home made freezer meals ready to bake, but I would almost bet money that the frozen pizzas and corn dogs and ramen noodles will be used up before them. That's just how he works! Basically, it's job security for me...I never feel more appreciated than when I come home from a long-ish trip without him =D

On a separate, and completely unrelated note....

I don't remember what my belly button used to look like.


  1. You crack me up, love.

    So what are you going to worry about while you're gone?

  2. Haha Kara, I love this! Those freezer meals will come in handy when you get home and are tired. And I think most men prefer the easy route for food if they're providing for themselves :D

  3. Have a good trip. And don't worry about Tanner....I'm sure Sherry will feel sorry for him and have him over some....and Julie.

    Chris went wood cutting above Rainsford and DID see a REAL, REAL bear...thought he was back in Alaska.