Monday, August 5, 2013

Oh dear....he's in a good mood!

Tanner woke up on the goofy side of the bed this morning, apparently. Even though (or perhaps because it) was 64* inside when we woke up, he danced around the room as he got dressed, then left at hyperspeed, before I even had the chance to get out of bed! Granted, it's my practice to lay in bed about ten minutes longer than I should every morning...I get some sort of satisfaction from snubbing the alarm clock. When I did get up, I walk out of the room, and there's Tanner again, at the end of the hall, farting animatedly. I honestly didn't know prior to marriage that flatulence is part of men's morning routine. Now (after a year of this) I do, and wish I didn't.

Anyway, he then scampered around the kitchen like a nut...when I asked him what he was taking for lunch, he gave me that cheeky grin (the one that lets me know he knows he's going to get in trouble for the next thing that comes out of his mouth) and says "Whatever you put in it!" Ha. Leftover mac'n'cheese it is. Okay, it's homemade, and actually really good, but that would have been pretty amusing.

The house is awful quiet now that he's headed out the door...the reason for this whole escapade? Last night we decided to pull the topper off our mattress, as a way to see if that was making his back worse. Turns out, that was probably it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to make myself an appointment at the chiropractor. (Just kidding)

So, what am I up to today? Hopefully by telling someone else my plans I'll actually get some of this done...first I'm going to savagely tear everything (except the pretty iris!) out of the flower bed in front of the house. I didn't do a thing to it this spring because quite honestly, some of the weeds were as pretty as the actual flowers, and I didn't know the difference between the two anyway, so I just left them. Now it's all coming out, and next spring I'm putting in whatever the heck I feel like. Although I may not feel like doing anything with it at all...who knows, but I like to have my options open!

After that I'll be heading to Sam's Club and hopefully heading back home with nothing but milk, eggs, and potatoes. That's seriously all I need, and I'm determined to add nothing else to my cart. In fact, I may go on a full bladder. In the same way that going on an empty stomach makes one overpurchase in the grocery store, going on a full bladder makes you forget half the things on your list. Pretty derned effective.

Then I'll be making cinnamon rolls, I think. Nom nom nom. I plan to make them and freeze them prior to baking so I can have a stash of ready-made junk food after Junior makes his grand debut. Maybe I should add some meals to that stash as well. Tanner's been hinting at some homemade frozen pizzas. Hmm...

Also, in there somewhere I'll be "finishing" the laundry. The second Tanner gets home I'll have a full 'nother load, so it's optimistic to say I'll be completely caught up by the end of the day. So that's my is yours going so far?


  1. I still have to figure out what my to do list is, or I won't get ANYthing done...but I did go to the gym already. Go Team Me.

  2. Oh, and here, btw. You're welcome. One batch is two meals.

  3. love the way you write! It gave me a chuckle! Love, Pam Shambaugh

  4. All I can say is whoa... this was sent from the future! According to the time stamps :) sounds right ambitious for a Monday. I'm gonna take Nikki to the dog park, run errands, oddly enough I need the same food stuff you do, maybe go see Rick then go to work :)

  5. I'm much too busy to describe my Monday. (grin)

  6. You are hilarious! And your husband sounds enchanting ;) haha. Hope to meet him and junior and charlie someday!