Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pie Crust Recipe

This is a slice of apple pie that I made from the pie filling I canned a few weeks ago (recipe here).

It really turned out quite well.  I'm not sure I agree with the general populace that tart apples are the way to go for apple pie, though.  I would have been happier with a sweeter and somewhat softer apple...but these were  free, which helps their flavor a lot.  :-)  The filling recipe was good, although I might try some more options before I settle on one.

The crust is better cooled, we discovered.  Last night it was really flaky-- kinda like pastry puff dough.  I didn't like it, but Rob thought it was awesome.  This morning it had cooled off more and was more of a flaky pie crust instead of a croissant.  

The pie crust recipe, by the way, is super easy, and really good:

1 c. flour (white; whole wheat won't work real well for this)
1/2 c. butter, room temp
1/4 c. milk
pinch salt

Cut butter into flour and salt; stir in milk and use hands if necessary to press in remaining flour.  Roll out on floured surface to desired thickness, then fold into fours to transfer to pie dish.
Makes one crust.

I only had frozen butter on hand, since I made a top and bottom and needed a full cup, so I ran it through the electric grater (by the way, I'll be doing this for biscuits from now on, too; WAY easier and quicker than using a hand grater!).  This didn't work quite as well for pie crust because the flour wouldn't all incorporate, so I ended up letting it sit to warm up for a bit after I mixed it as well as I could.  But the warming went much quicker since the butter was in shreds instead of sticks, so I'm still a fan of grating it.  What resulted from the shredded butter was different than what I remember room temp butter producing-- instead of a generic soft crust, it produced a more flaky, croissant-like crust.  As I mentioned, it was almost a normal crust again after fully cooling, but for those of you who like uber-flaky crusts, frozen shredded butter seems to work quite well.

Anyway, that was breakfast today.  We're obviously batting a thousand today on nutrition.  


  1. One must go all out for company breakfast! ;-)

    1. Ha ha, I started that post awhile ago, we didn't feed that to our company-- can you imagine?! :-D