Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crud. I think I'm a grown up.

I've been remembering recently Mom's attempts to get us to clean house every Saturday. Often, it involved a reward of some sort...going to a movie/the library/the lake if we got done by three, or something of the sort. I just realized I'm doing the same thing to myself, but worse, 'cause I'm doing it every day. It's ten o'clock on a Tuesday morning, and I've just finished cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, as well as scrubbing the kitchen floor, vacuuming the rugs, dusting the house, and doing a couple loads of laundry. All because I had a proverbial carrot hanging in front of my not-so-proverbial nose. What is this carrot, you ask? Before I can answer that, I have to go off on a little bit of a tangent.

I have this awful habit of getting inspired to do things at the most inconvenient time possible. For example, I decided at six months pregnant that I wanted to de-popcorn our ceiling. (Hasn't happened yet, but it will!) I also get inspired to get things done around the house with power tools when Tanner isn't home. Most recently, I've become inspired to get a garden put in, and reap the benefits there-of. You do, of course, see the issue with this. I'm fairly certain that anything I tried to grow at this point would be doomed to die an early and unseemly death. Not to mention, you can't buy seeds anywhere right now because normal people bought and planted them back in March. So, essentially, I'm up a creek without a canoe. I've got this perfectly lovely garden plot in my back yard, completely overgrown with weeds, and I can't even do anything with it.

Except that I can. Though every part of me knows (and my dear husband tells me daily) it's completely pointless, I'm weeding it. Savagely ripping those dumb little (huge) weeds out of the ground that have been sitting there all summer, just to have something to do to fulfill my out-of-season motivation. And that is the proverbial carrot. If I get my house in working order every day, I allow myself to go out and weed.

I know I'm nuts, but I have to be doing something to work towards the garden thing. And even though I know many many more weeds will pop back up before I can get a garden in, and even though it'd be easier just to till them under, this feels like I'm actually doing something, so I'm doing it. I do plan to cover it in manure and possibly some moldy straw to start mulching before it gets too much colder, as well, and hopefully that'll help a bit with weeds in the long run.

You know what's crazier, though? My backup carrot, in case it gets too hot to weed, is painting. Yep. I'm redecorating the guest room. Haven't told Tanner this yet, and I probably won't. I think it'll be fabulous to get it completely decorated and then ask him to go in there to get something for me and wait for the jaw drop. Most of the time, the door to that room is kept closed, so it's no problem at all to keep it under wraps for now.

So it's official. I'm a dork.

And I'm off to weed.


  1. I need a like button. You are officially nuts my dear sister. But hey if it floats your boat... my house could use some cleaning when yours gets to shiny :)

  2. I'm so proud. :-D

    Re: the popcorn ceiling -- Might want to make sure it isn't asbestos before you scrape it off, especially while percolating my grandchild.

  3. Re: Re: Popcorn ceiling- That stuff is seriously nasty and possibly cancer causing- you may want to pay a professional to have it done.

  4. You are NOT a dork for weeding now! As long as you are getting rid of the weeds somewhere not in your yard.....you don't want to keep the seeds for future wind planting.....your neighbors have enough seeds for that purpose.

  5. I hate to tell you this now, but...
    I found out, quite accidentally, that if you go out to where you want a garden and lay down a bunch of weed mat (or, black plastic garbage bags) and weigh it down with rocks or whatever else you have laying around, then the following spring you won't have weeds. You will have FANTASTIC soil for planting. I mean absolutely superb. I did this on accident - as your sister can attest, I am HORRIBLE at keeping up with things, I just left this out over the winter because I never got around to doing it in the fall! But it worked out because there is not a hint of the weeds that lived there previously! Although, this method is not for the faint of heart...along with the fabulous soil, I also found many many MANY bugs I had never seen before in my life. But, they must be keeping that soil happy because the garden I planted there this spring is crazy healthy! Only thing I added was a little bit of organic compost. That was it! Hope this helps next time you want to expand that pretty patch you have out there!! Nice work, by the way ;)