Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY Table Runner: Crazy Easy Version

I've had this idea in mind for awhile now...I saw this fabulous table runner on Pinterest and pretty much couldn't turn down the opportunity to make it for my own table.  I almost caved when I clicked through the link to discover that the runner was for sale in an Etsy shop, but I was determined to make my own-- I could save a few bucks and goodness, it was hardly a complicated project.

So I went to Joann's, which I think is literally the only fabric store in the entire county.  Kind of shocking.  Anyway, I found the burlap ($3.99/yard) and the lace ($7.99/yd.) and the thread ($5.55/spool-- what?!).  I had a 40% off coupon that applied to the lace, so I ended up paying $23 to get all the components.  This was almost exactly the price of the runner on Etsy, and I felt slightly ridiculous, but then, I reasoned, I'd still have 2/3 of the burlap and most of the thread left when I was done, and could always do something with them.  So technically this project cost me $14.09.  And fifteen minutes.

The cool thing about burlap is you never really have to worry about exact measurements.  I picked out a thread at the point that I wanted to cut the fabric down to a proper width (in this case, 12") and pulled.  After it came out I had a direct path to run the scissors along, and we were in business.  My runner was 12"x72", but next time I'd shell out the couple extra bucks to add another 6" to it.  This is barely long enough to flip down over the ends of the table.

I've had this machine since I was-- ten, I think.  I love it, because it's a machine and not a computer like most sewing contraptions are nowadays.  

I zig-zagged all the edges since burlap is notoriously inclined to unravel, being so loosely woven.  Zigzagging seemed to work perfectly, and I used that feature on my machine for probably the first time ever.  

After zig-zagging all four edges, I put the lace on top and zigzagged it into place, too.  I did a 1/2" (4/8") seam allowance to allow for the raw edges that aren't worth affixing things to.  The lace went on like a champ:

Here's a relative closeup of it when it was done:

And a further off shot with the centerpiece.  

So I ended up really liking the runner, but it almost seems like it's missing something.  Kara thinks it needs a red tablecloth under it. 

I guess we all know what my next project is...


  1. It could use a pop of color. How did you end up finishing the ends? Lace or taper to a point?

    1. I played around with some red accents but didn't like it. I think I'll end up putting a colored tablecloth underneath. Right now it has a colored candle centerpiece on it and that seems to help a lot. The ends are raw, just zigzagged. Lace would have made it too stiff and it wasn't long enough to taper it. Nothing like a first attempt. :-D

  2. I was picturing the scalloped edge of the lace being the new outside edge. But what really impresses me is that you actually got it done! ;-)