Thursday, September 26, 2013

I adore rainy days

Tanner just doesn't understand it (possibly because he has to work outside every day), but there's something about a dreary grey sky and rain pelting my windows (freshly washed...not too thrilled about having to do that again, honestly) that puts me in a mood. I don't even know what adjective to put in front of "mood" in this situation, but it encompasses wanting to sit with a cup of tea, homemade popcorn, a blanket, and a good dose of Netflix, as well as an almost nesting-like urge to make things with yarn. And it has to be yarn. This is yarn weather. And guest room decorating weather. And insurance shopping weather.

That last part wasn't quite so fun, but hoo boy, was it necessary. We've been horridly behind on getting insurance on the car. So we got a couple quotes going yesterday, and I got to go back in and check up on them this morning. After doing that, I decided it was time to do some shopping, especially because Thursdays happen to be one of the two days of the week that Real Deals is open. Ever been there? Well you should. It's awesome. Home decorator's paradise. Thank goodness they didn't have anything that caught my eye today, but I went to Ross too, looking for a picture to go in my beachy room (didn't find one), and I came out with four maternity tops, a pair of leggings, a candle, and a set of pillowcases. No one can ever accuse me of not supporting the economy.

I swung by Joanne's too, on the way home, because the urge to make something crafty (urged on by Kirstyn, who, I'm guessing, is getting tired of being the only poster this week) was getting pretty strong. After nearly buying some Holstein print fabric for absolutely no reason, I decided that what we really need around here is another throw blanket because, let's face feet are always cold in the winter.

So these skeins of yarn are destined to warm my tootsies some day. Hopefully it won't take months, like some of my other crocheting projects have done. When I'm done with this one, I'm hoping it'll be kinda plaid-ish. We'll see, though, as I'm doing it minus a pattern. This oughta be interesting.

P.S...The following picture is why Real Deals rocks. That adorable white shelf and lantern came from there. The flower set up was from Michaels, made strictly of stuff that was on sale, because I think they're ridiculously overpriced.

The other picture is courtesy of Target and Michaels...three shadow boxes covered with mod podged newspaper. The little jars have sand and mini sea-shells in them. This set-up is missing something though, and I can't figure out what. Color, definitely, but I'm not sure how I'm going to incorporate that yet.

Anyway. I'm off to officially start my fall by turning on Netflix and working on this afghan! Pictures will come later, promise. Also, tomorrow, if I remember, I'm gonna have to post the recipe for the black bean dip that will basically make you famous if you make it for any sort of gathering. It's delish, and it doesn't even have to be raining to be properly enjoyed. Don't have chips? Just dip your fingers in it.

Or maybe don't. I hear double-dipping is discouraged.


  1. Is your theme in this room nautical? I would suggest some sort of fish netting draped around the frames.....and maybe some orange fish. :)

  2. Since you got your decorating genes from me, I have no suggestions. But I like all your projects and ideas. Wish I was that productive.

  3. i could get you some green sand if that would help at all