Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Public Service Announcement #2

I'm guessing from the fact that I still have a bunch of readers, you all got the memo that I changed my blog address a little while back. Well, watch out, because it's going to happen again! In fact, there is soon to be a major overhaul. In the midst of one of the conversations with Aunt Sharon in the last week, she suggested that Kirstyn join me on this blog, and that we both write about the housewife-ing life! There was a moment where we (Kirstyn and I) shared a "look", and I'm fairly certain the light bulbs lit over each head at the same instant.

Considering I have a hard time posting every day (or even every week...horrid, right?), it'd be downright handy to have another someone posting once or twice a week to keep it going! We also have very similar values, as far as housekeeping, husband feeding, and eventual child rearing, so we thought it would be interesting to see our efforts compared side by side.

Kirstyn is also what we call a "foodie", in that she is very in to organic, non-GMO, non-processed foods. She grows her own gardens every year and cans the goods there-of, raises chickens (seriously, they're like children), makes everything from scratch...she's your typical Betty Homemaker from the nineteenth century, the difference being that back then, it wasn't out of the norm.

I'm slowly being introduced to the foodie world. I'm intrigued by the concept, but I'm nowhere near the level of involvement that Kirstyn is, as she's been doing this for the last three years, but this next year is going to involve me learning to garden, as a start! I'm kind of excited about it, and hopefully blogging about it will keep me inspired to not just let it get overrun by weeds and claim it couldn't be helped. I'll also be posting pictures of the little munchkin when he makes his debut to keep all his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other family up-to-date.

Later on, if the blog survives that long, we both plan to homeschool our kiddos, so hopefully there'll be some posting on that. On that front, neither of us has a ton of experience (although Kirstyn has research galore under her belt), so it'll be a learning thing for more than just the kids!

I'll still be updating Facebook when I post, but Kirstyn's will be largely unadvertised, so make sure you scroll a little every time you read to make sure you don't miss out on them!

Not sure when exactly these changes will be taking place, but it probably won't happen until we get back home on Thursday night. Add in a couple of days rest due to the non-motivation that I'm sure we'll experience, and we might have our grand reopening by next Monday or Tuesday.

And, if no one steals it before then, our new address will be ModernVintageHousewives.blogspot.com (don't worry, I'll repost it on Facebook later too, so you don't forget it). See you there!


  1. This should be fun! Can't wait :-)

  2. Agree with your mom. Always fun to read. Nana

  3. Wow that was a quick overhaul of the page. I thought I got the wrong blog for a minute lol