Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Post of Many Topics

You've probably noticed by now that I rarely post pictures. That's because I'm lazy. There's really no legitimate excuse that comes to mind. It's not even for lack of pictures. I just get tired of loading them onto the computer, sorting them all out into their respective folders by topic and then finding the right ones to post on here. So I've got quite a few to post today. It's gon' be a long 'un, so get comfortable.

Let's start with this one:

Remember that story I told you a while back about the bear? How I saw one and freaked and then realized it wasn't exactly of a bear nature, but more closely resembled the bovine species? Well, I received an (initially) anonymous package today from someone who read said story. Inside were the two figurines above. One labeled "Bear", the other labeled "Not a Bear". The sender had actually recognized what I hadn't (at first), and labeled them correctly.

If you guessed that my dear husband found this a little amusing, you guessed right. And I'd probably be lying if I said I didn't. Gotta love sisters--they keep you humble!

Next set of pictures: the beginning of my garden project! It's a sad little piece of work. It sat all summer, with nothing done to it except the occasional mowing to chop down the weeds that, on occasion, made it to two feet tall.

This week, I began to attack. Savagely. The initial pile of weeds looked like this. At this point, it's about seventeen times as tall, but I neglected to get a picture. I'll get one when I'm completely done.

Now my garden looks like this! I've worked at it every morning and evening for the last week, and I'm finally.......halfway done. It's immensely satisfying, despite the fact that my knuckles hurt for an hour or two after each stint. Actually being able to see what I've done is pretty cool. And now I'm dreaming about all the things that will be replacing those weeds next year! Potatoes, corn, carrots, cucumbers, raspberries, strawberries, bell peppers...nom.

See the great big rhubarb plant in the picture above? That's it's buddy down below. Sadly, neither of us is a huge fan of the stuff, which is a sin, if you ask any generation that grew up on the stuff. That's exactly why we donated the buddy to a relative who was hoping to get a well established plant.

Whoo boy, these things are established. Digging the one plant up required two planks, two shovels (one snapped in half) and the efforts of three people.

This is the crater it left behind.

This is just one of the roots holding that thing into the ground! (The glove is there for comparison's sake. That root was as big around as my wrist, easily) I have a feeling that we aren't going to be completely rid of this thing come next spring. I hear they're notoriously hard to kill. That's why, come next weekend, we're digging the other one out with a mini-excavator. Probably the remnants of this one as well!

Oh, by the way...remember those biscuits Kirstyn posted about the other day? Yup, I decided to make them.

The edges got a little crispy, but they were some of the lightest, flakiest biscuits I've ever had. They were delish. And when Tanner tried them, angels sang in chorus, and tears of happiness fell from his eyes.

Actually, he just said "Those are pretty good!"

He's never been one to mince words when there's good food to be eaten. The fact that he ate three more said more than anything else he could have vocalized, so I was happy with the results! These may have to become our new Saturday morning thing.

Last picture/topic:

Isn't it cute?? This is my new corkboard-in-a-frame! Bought the corkboard at Joanne's for like $15, and the frame was $30 at Target. Pair that with $8 worth of spray paint, and this was probably a DIY worth buying ready-made, but it was fun to try! And it looks adorable on my stripey wall. Soon it'll be covered in pictures of a super adorable baby, so the cuteness factor will be off the charts!

Anyway, I think I'm finally out of things to tell you folks about! Have a fabulous rest of your Saturday evening!


  1. were they labeled cow and not cow or bear and not a bear? ;)

    1. Lol you're right...bear and not a bear! Fixed it!

  2. I made it into your blog!! hehe I had to send Will a link so he could see why I was laughing so much. And I hate to break it to ya but you coulda got all the cork board stuff at Hobby Lobby for way cheaper :D Course you would have to come out here and see me to get it...

    1. Second-hand stores have frames way cheap. (You know, in case you ever need another bulletin board for my ultra cute grandkid(s).)

    2. Well, Goodwill didn't have any of the right size so I had to buy mine for the's like they think 2x3 frames are huge or something. :-D

  3. I like your stripey wall. How did you get it so perfect?