Friday, September 6, 2013

Wrapping up the trip...

We ended our trip with another Powell's session. I should know better. Even though I returned two of the books I had bought on our last trip, I ended up buying approximately thirteen more. Totally worth it. I get a little bit of a buzz when I look at the barcode on the back of a book and it says $1.50. It's basically impossible to put it back on the shelf at that point.

I found out on this particular trip, though, that neither Kirstyn or Sierra much like driving in city traffic. Hence the reason I sat behind the wheel for most of the day. I don't mind it at all, but apparently my hormones started showing when I yelled at a couple people that decided to cut me off. (Quite honestly, I would have done the same, pregnant or not, but it's so efficient to blame everything on hormones.) Kirstyn--understandably, as it was her car I was driving--was pretty tense the whole way through town. She only settled down enough to go back to her book when she was certain that I was going to make it onto the freeway without any mishaps. So the second both she and Sierra both looked down....

I hit the brakes and shrieked.

The look on both faces were priceless. I nearly wet myself, I was laughing so hard. Neither of them seemed to think it was quite as funny as I did though, and when I started chuckling again every five minutes or so afterward, I got thrown a couple dirty looks. What can I say? I crack myself up!

We actually did make it home that day with no further incidents, unless you count my attempts to simultaneously sing every part to every doo-wop/barber shop/accappella song that came up on the iPod.

Sooo...then we left yesterday morning, and made the valiant effort to get out of the house by six. The issue with this, we realized later, is that setting the alarm for six and getting out the door at six are two very different things. We made it out of there by 6:40. Close! But then Kirstyn needed her coffee, and then we needed to get gas, so we actually made it to the freeway by seven. Hooo boy, it was a long trip. Towards the end, Kirstyn started spouting off things like "I'm BORED." and "Are we there yet?"

I suppose she's helping me practice for road trips with kids. But considering that started about three hours from home...well, we were both glad to get home. After stopping in Manhattan to drop her off, we loaded my copious amounts of acquired goods into my car, and I started off for Great Falls. Not the funnest trip ever, but I made it. And I didn't even die.

On a side know how everyone complains that they always seem to come back from trips with more than they started with? Basically, I win. I started out with a suitcase, a pillow, a bag of books, and my purse. I came home with that, plus some extra clothes given me by Sierra whilst she emptied out her suitcase, two bags of books from Powell's, five canvas bins from the container store, some kitchen knick-knacks from Sur Le Table, a stroller and car seat, a rather large bag from Babies R Us, a hand sander, a bunch of gallon/half gallon canning jars....

I'm out of control.

So now, I need to go find places to put all of said acquiree's. And, though Tanner did laundry while I was gone, I still have a lot of catching up to do in that area. Also, the house suddenly got infested with moths, so now I have popcorn ceiling remnants to vacuum up where he started whacking them off the ceiling. (I actually got a huge giggle out of that...just seeing the pile of white stuff surrounding the body of a very squished moth told the whole story).

I probably shouldn't write out my whole to-do list's long and daunting, and quite honestly, it scares me to look at it, which is why I'm here blogging instead of starting on it. So, overcoming this particular hurdle, I'm publishing this post and logging off!

P.S....this is the new address. Rebookmark it, everyone! Sorry it's been changing around so much the last few weeks.


  1. Hahaha i think that's hilarious! Super awesome! That's what they get for making you drive and then not trusting you! :)

  2. Kara I totally cracked up at the hitting of the brakes. You are currently my hero hehe. And yay books, there is no such thing as getting too many books.

  3. I had to read your entire blog out loud to Tara at the office after the brakes/shrieking thing. 'Twas a good end to a Friday/week. Glad you and my grandson made it home okay. :-)