Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Air travel at its best!

Today, both of us find ourselves sitting on the big island of Hawaii! It was kind of a last minute trip, due to a death in the family and the following celebration of life (Hawaiian style! We may post some pictures of the ceremony later this week for those who are interested). Not exactly the ideal reason for a vacation, but it's been really nice to see Dad and our other two sisters while we're here.

Flying over was quite an experience. Kirstyn and I met in Helena for a flight that left at one Monday afternoon. After figuring out a place to drop off our cars that didn't require a blood sacrifice for every day spent filling a parking space, and after fetching the starving preggo some Subway, we made it to the airport, through security, and on to the plane with not much incident. The nice thing about Montana airports is that getting there an hour early for the security process is basically overkill.

Anyway, we were pretty excited that we had found a flight on such short notice with a (relatively) short travel time. We had two stops to make in Salt Lake and Los Angeles, but only had a half hour layover at each, which was pretty slick. So we settled into our toothpaste tube of an airplane (the only kind that flies out of airports the size of Helena's) with no worries. Until we pulled in to Salt Lake and realized that planes begin boarding forty minutes before their scheduled departure time, which meant that we pulled in about five minutes after they started boarding. Since Kirstyn hadn't eaten anything since breakfast (except my complimentary pretzels), we ran by Starbucks, which was thankfully right next to our gate, and got her a sandwich, then got in line, basically the last two to get on the plane. Whew.

That flight, I ended up sitting next to a very--happy--woman. She was from somewhere that spoke Spanish, and proved it by communicating frequently with another woman a few rows back. Apparently, I won her affections when I found her a blanket in an overhead compartment, and after that, she decided we were best buds. She now basically knows my life story, when my baby is due, and my favorite color, among other things. Not only was she shocked that I was flying at 32 weeks pregnant, she was downright flabbergasted when she found out I was married as well! Apparently it's more common to be pregnant than married at age twenty--forget about both!

We made our connection in LA in much the same fashion as previously mentioned, because of the short layover. The next five and a half hours were spent listening to the disgustingly cute honeymooning couple in front of me exchange approximately three billion, eight hundred twenty-seven noisy smooches, whilst the man behind me talked rather loudly about the book he was reading to the man next to him who was obviously not interested, but played the part of a captive audience instead.

I had to chuckle slightly when the topic turned to Saddle Road, here in Hawaii. It's the road from one side of the island to the other, the only alternative to the one road that circles the island. It winds up over the mountain, and through a pass before heading back down the other side, passing by an army base of some sort. Mr. Obnoxious warned his "friend" multiple times to never take this road at night because of the risk of UFOs and alien abduction. Why else, he reasoned, would the army have their station that far up in the mountains? Giggle.

So we got here, ate some real food (at one of the local restaurants, to which Dad supplies bread bowls), then figured out sleeping arrangements, and crashed. A four hour time change is a little bit crazy-making. Apparently, I'm an absolute bear when I'm that tired. I don't remember the last time I stayed up until two in the morning (ten p.m. local time). Usually, I'm in bed between 8:30 and 9:00, and I like it that way!

But the next day, when we all had our energy back, Stephanie, Shawna, and I went to the beach for a bit of swimming and had a blast!

Every trip to the beach requires the barefoot picture. It's the law.

Texting her boy...

Eating bread and texting her boy. She asked why I kept taking pictures of her eating bread. Basically, the only answer I had was because that was all she did when she wasn't in the water! Admittedly, it was really good bread. She's actually not a glutton or a fatty, promise. Oh, and she said I could say that, so don't worry, I didn't get in trouble for it.

Shawna tried playing Poseidon.

It didn't work.

I tried body surfing. Found I could only do so while making obnoxious faces. Therefore, all other pictures of such events were deleted. By me. Oh the joys of being the camera owner and the blogger!

This was the only other one deemed slightly acceptable. I'm just not really the photogenic type, so I just dispose of the evidence, basically.

I don't remember what was going on here, but it's a cool picture, so...ta-da!

Anyway, we're going back tomorrow, with more people, so there'll definitely be more pictures up soon! 


  1. Wait . . . the celebration of life already happened? Did I read that wrong?

    1. Yup, you read wrong. It's Friday around 5. (Change of time.)

  2. Nope, it'll be Friday evening.