Thursday, October 17, 2013

Closet of Shame

I have a slight confession to make, regarding a Closet of Shame, but it's not the typical confession you'd expect.  I think most people have a room or a closet in their house that is their hidden secret, regardless of the shape the rest of the house is in, right?  I'm a little bit odd in that category. My shameful corners are more...well, you'll see.  Read on.

We got married on December 20, which is a very good time of year for a roofer to get married.  He had literally just finished work for the winter the day before we got married, so I basically had a new husband with all sorts of free time on his hands, ostensibly at my disposal.  (That has never happened again, so it was apparently a newlywed thing. It's a sad, sad truth.)  As part of my moving in, he renovated a small closet at the end of our hallway that was pretty much wasted space, going through and adding shelves at decent intervals, to be used as a linen closet.  It was lovely to have so much storage!

Well, that didn't last long.

The thing is, I don't keep a lot of linens around. I'm sure this will change when we have kids, but for the time being, what do two people really need?  A couple sets of towels, a couple washcloths, some sheets, extra blankets for the's a pretty small list.  I made it smaller by being irrationally pragmatic, and did away with extra sheets.  One set means I never have an excuse not to make the bed after the dryer is done, and it also means I never have to fold fitted sheets.  GLORY.

Eventually I gave up pretending that it was a linen closet and turned it into what it really was all along: a library. I mean, what else would you think of when you looked at long rows of shelves?

And actually, it is kind of a mess.  It's my fiendish love of books causing the problem; it always is.  If I had left my books all neatly packed in crates in the basement with the other Rubbermaid totes (that are NOT a mess), this wouldn't be the case.  This closet would be neatly populated with some extra plastic bins, a few bins with computer stuff and odds and ends, some binders of homemaking ilk (bank statements, tax info, and user manuals) and the few linens that actually deserve to be there.  Oh, and the sewing machine and sleeping bag hidden down underneath the bottom shelf.  Pretty normal, right?

But the books rate higher, and so here they are.  If you're thinking that's a lot of books, you'd be wrong.  My WHOLE collection might be a lot of books, but this is not. It's-- well, it's maybe 25-35% of them.  But the thing is, I re-read my books, a lot.  I prefer re-reading to reading new ones, most of the time, because I know I like the endings. Rereading books you already own is a pretty cheap source of entertainment, which is how I justify the whole thing. Really, I'm not sure if the shame factor is the ridiculousness of converting a useful storage closet into a library...or having so many books in the first place.

As a side note, I've been considering getting rid of our dresser in the bedroom, because I'm relatively sure some bookcases in there would make much more sense.


  1. Im very jealous of your library space. I would love to have a whole closet dedicated to my books. And dressers are so over rated.

  2. Hmmm. I think this is an excellent use of space!

  3. Love it! Add a bean bag and it's a good reading corner! Remember that one time I knocked over your cd collection in the closet? Just imagine what could happen if I looked in this one! Haha

  4. LOL! Thank you so much for the laugh, love :-D
    Dressers can be useful (or so I hear), but isn't that what laundry baskets are for? I'd go for the book shelves, too. Worst case, they could do double duty as a clothes horse.