Friday, October 4, 2013

Dear Diary...

I discovered today that my eldest sister is verbally abusive. That's right...the one that blogs with me. She sounds all cutesy and innocent as she posts about cooking for her cutesy little husband. But in her spare time, she sharpens her tongue on unsuspecting pregnant sisters:

She called me a blimp. Dad clarified that she didn't say I WAS one, only that I resemble one, and apparently there's a semantic difference.

I'm still sulking.

It wasn't as funny as everyone else seemed to think. It also wasn't funny when Shawna told me that if the canvas fits, I should wear it. I shan't. In fact, I probably will never wear these pants or T-shirt again either. At any rate, I'll now be answering to Hindy, and I figured my dear readers deserved to know the reason behind this decision.

Disclaimer: I do not actually have my tail in a knot over this (nor will I be answering to Hindy) but I believe this story warrants me a free cockroach placed amongst her personal belongings. They have such things in Hawaii.

Kirstyn's Disclaimer: Ironically, she in no way resembles a blimp, which is why we tease her about it. Interpersonal dynamics are really the oddest things...


  1. Don't they know they are supposed to be nice to pregnant people? Here's my favorite comment, "So when is your due date?....Hmmmmm.....Are you having twins?"