Friday, October 25, 2013

Diaper Bash!

Last night I was thrown possibly the cutest baby shower imaginable--Dr. Seuss themed! Turns out Lichen is a genius when it comes to utilizing Pinterest and throwing parties. I wish I had thought to take more pictures--quite a few were taken by others, but I took a grand total of four on my own phone, so that's what you get to see today!

 First was the coolest cake I think I've ever seen!

Each layer was themed from a different Dr. Seuss book! Of course, the good old Cat in the Hat, then on the second layer was Horton Hears a Who (didn't get a very good shot of him though), and the bottom was One Fish, Two Fish. And on top of how cute it was, it tasted pretty phenomenal too!
Then, yet another of Lichen's inspired ideas...a photo board! There's a picture of me as Thing Two floating around somewhere, but I'm not sure who's camera it's on. Featured here are dear cousin Logan as Thing One, and his buddy Bryce, both of whom spent the whole party avoiding the estrogen by practicing a drum duet upstairs. Thank goodness it wasn't on real drums!

 I suppose I should edit the above statement slightly...they didn't spend the entire time upstairs; we decided to play Measure the Belly (a hilarious game in which guests cut a length of ribbon and wrapped it around me to see who made the closest estimate), and they showed up at exactly the right time, although that may have had something to do with cake...who knows. So they were coerced into playing along. Logan took the task very seriously, pulling yard after yard of ribbon off the spool, enlisting Bryce to help him hold it up in a shape that was supposed to resemble me (I didn't know I was triangular). He then held up the final product, removed one inch, and snipped.
He actually came in second! Only one person managed to cut a longer piece!
Bryce's didn't come fact, it just barely fit around his own waist! But he got brownie points for pretending!
Kari actually ended up winning that one--being pregnant herself, she measured her own belly and came within half an inch! Impressive. We have a belly comparison picture as well, somewhere, but again, I have no idea where.

Everyone was so generous with the diapers and books! Junior's book shelf is filling up fast!

And this closet shelf is looking pretty fantastic to me! I'll be surprised if we have to buy diapers at all in the next year! This isn't even picturing the crazy adorable diaper cake that Fonda and her daughter made for me! (Again, different camera. Curses.)

Oh, and by the way, I'm now the proud owner of a camouflage pack and play, courtesy of Lichen! I absolutely love it. With that and all these diapers, I'm fairly certain my last baby items have been crossed off the list! What a relief. Arright, Junior. Ready when you are!


  1. It was a fun party. I think it should be said that Gary W. was actually the closest on the 'measure the belly' game. Of course, he probably in the running to win a prize. It would be interesting to know if and when you have to start buying diapers.

    Betty Fig

  2. Sounds like a really nice time. Wish I could've been there.

  3. Cute cake! I love Cat in the Hat!