Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dinner party, Italian style!

Tonight, Tanner and I were invited to a dinner party at Brian and Roxie's, to which every guest was to bring a dish of an Italian nature, be it bread, salad, main dish, dessert...Well, since I absolutely adore dessert, I decided to bring one as well as some Alfredo...classically dull, but oh so tasty. Anyway. I went off browsing Pinterest for ideas, because the only Italian dessert I could think of was tiramisu. The only thing wrong with that option...okay, there's multiple: 1) complicated much? 2) I don't really dig coffee flavored stuff and 3) there were too many ingredients involved that I didn't have on hand and I didn't want to go to the grocery store again.

Turns out that most of the recipes I came across were very similar and were nixed for at least one of the above reasons. So I kind of cheated. I came across something that looked like a fruit tart of some sort called a Crostata. In American, that means pie.

I made a pie.

It's actually a flat kind of pie, which is even better...lower maintenance for the cook! As I was in a hurry, I didn't follow a recipe. Usually this is a dangerous path to follow, but tonight it totally paid off.

I started by making a basic pie dough, and of course, I got the recipe for that from the best source out there:

(Teehee) The process went as follows: 1 cup flour, plus a pinch of salt,

Cut in one stick of butter at room temp (I nuked it for fifteen seconds. I'm a total cheater.)

Add 1/4 cup milk. Realize that by balancing camera on the rapidly expanding belly, you can take action shots of yourself.

Roll know, like pie dough. My favorite thing about not making an actual pie out of this though is that the final shape doesn't have to be round. I went for the amoeba shape. Turned out great.

Filling...yeah, I don't really know how it turned out so good, because I had no idea what I was doing, but it got good reviews! Started with two of my precious jars of peaches...

Put them in a pot and got them simmering, then added flour (I was out of cornstarch, but I was basically going for the gravy/thickening effect. It worked!), sugar (quite a bit, since these were canned in straight water), some cinnamon, and a tad bit of salt to bring out more flavor.

Then I laid my amoeba out on the pan,

Filled it (and it's buddy) with a few spoonfuls of my filling, and tucked it all in!

Baked it at 350 for 30-40 minutes (not entirely sure, as I set the timer, then turned it off when it finished, and completely forgot about them for a while), and nearly went to heaven when I tried it. SO delish, and SO much easier than making an actual pie. This is now my go-to peachy dessert.

Oh, in other news, be careful when you visit this particular household. Some people give out party favors...Roxie gives out puppies!

World, meet Harley!

She's kind of a doll.

And I know I'm going to catch a lot of flak for getting a (super adorable and cuddly) puppy approximately a month before my due date, but hear me out...

In tomorrow's blog post. It's 10:30, and waaay past my bedtime.


  1. Not to pop a bubble... but didn't you get rid of charlie cause you didn't have time? He is awful cute though

    1. I dont know why but it posted my comment 4 times- thus the deleted ones :) those peachy things look amazing btw and I shall have to make some as soon as I get my peaches from the Notrabs house.

  2. Send one to me? (maybe one of each? :-D)

  3. That was supposed to put my name on it.. dumb thing...

  4. Do either of you play with sour dough?

    1. Not really...I don't think Kara ever has and I got rid of mine because I never used it.

  5. You have probably struck gold with the pie-thingies. Pioneer Woman makes something similar, and they eat it in their hands -- no plates or forks to wash. You can thank me later. ;-)

    Oh, and cute puppy!

  6. oh yum!!! I'm totally trying this with apples. I have a bunch that are too tart for eating fresh, and I'm not willing to sacrifice my canned peaches in a pie :)

  7. I am planning on making apple crostadas for thanksgiving! Not traditional, but I like the easy factor :) I'll be back for the recipe!