Monday, October 14, 2013

For the first time ever on the World Wide Web!

Once upon a time, I swore I'd never post a picture of me pregnant online. In fact, I very strongly considered not even taking any...not hard to do, as I very strongly prefer being the one behind the lens, rather than the one in front of it. But when I realized that the notion to not document these nine months and my desire to have pictures of Tanner and I every year would probably conflict a few times, I caved in and asked my dear cousin Amy to take a few shots of us.

And now I'm posting them online. In a blog. And probably on Facebook, because I've been using the same profile picture since we took our engagement photos almost two years ago, and I'm a little tired of it. In fact, that was the last time a picture was posted on my page, which just goes to show how camera shy I am.

Amber helped!

Have I ever mentioned that my dearly beloved doesn't really like having his picture taken either? He was only happy when he was allowed to wear his hat. He even wore the one that he saves for special occasions because it's practically collectable. It was allowed to show up in about three pictures.

He wasn't thrilled with the court's ruling.

The above picture makes me giggle like you wouldn't believe.

These are probably going to show up on our Christmas card this year, so don't be bummed if all you get is repeats =D

Anyway...I'm off to bed. I've had a request for waffles in the morning, so that means getting up a little earlier than normal. (As in, on time, instead of 45 minutes late, in which case we'd be dining on Lucky Charms.)

G'night all!


  1. You have a man who insists on being furry in the winter, too? I'm not entirely sure what the deal with that is...

  2. Lol we have an agreement. He says its good protection from the wind while he's working, so he's allowed to grow it during hunting season and after than I have the right to veto it!

  3. Why would you want to veto it? Beards are hot! (are moms allowed to use that word?) Well, maybe not so much on rotund men, but your guys both look very handsome in 'em. Love all your pix, love. You need to get a few prints because they don't print out so well from Facebook. Your 8x10 frame needs updating, and my wallet is your grad pic. Order 'em on and I can pick them up here. Yes?

  4. Your pictures are great! It would be hard to pick a favorite from these!