Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grumpings--possibly the hormonal type

So I was going to post about a sewing project that I had intended to have started by now. Not entirely sure which one, because since cleaning out the garage Saturday morning, I realized I've got material for about thirteen such undertakings, including super cute monkey fabric for a blanket for my nephew who's now nearly six months old. I'm just a little behind on things.

Anyway. Those plans got waylaid this morning, when Mom texted me asking where the title was to my old car (that is now in the hands of another---huzzah!) because we kind of need it to make things all legal and stuff, considering the car swapped hands back in--uh--May. Now, I'm not as tardy on this part of my to-do list as it appears. I actually signed it and sent it Mom's way about a month ago. I remember this specifically because I also included a Starbucks gift card for a favor she had recently done me.

Well, apparently, our lovely postal service doesn't like me a whole lot, as they decided to lose the aforementioned parcel somewhere along the way. So. No Starbucks, and no title. That is the beginning of my grump.

So I set off today to get a replacement for it so we could finally get it sent along to the rightful owners. Well, first, I had to get a form through the county treasurer's office. For those who don't know, that's the place you go to watch paint dry or wait for Hell to freeze over. Lots of standing in line, waiting on clerks that have all day to do what you had only scheduled an hour for. I got lucky this time: Hell had only seen its first frost, and the grass outside had only grown a quarter inch by the time I made it to the counter.

Upon receiving the correct piece of paper, I asked if there was anything special I would need to do considering that both my last name and address are now different than what was listed on the original title. Oh yes, I would need to go get a copy of my driver's license to send in with it, but of course I couldn't do that there, because that isn't exactly government business.

So, off to the library I went. Since I have a change of address card on the back of mine, I realized I needed to copy both sides of my license, and therefore asked the lady at the counter the easiest way to do this (and get them on one piece of paper) on their paleolithic Xerox machines. She proceeded to use approximately fourteen pieces of paper and most of the change in my wallet to demonstrate her method, which apparently took a master's degree in inefficiency to accomplish, all the while giving me the "I can't believe you don't know this" look.

I was glad at the end of this ordeal that I had forgotten to pay the parking fee. Haha, suckers!

Then, off to the post office to grab an envelope and get the whole shebang mailed off, because I knew that if I took it all home it would get lost and potentially never make it to it's final destination. So I stood in another line. This time, I was entertained by the type of people that think everyone wants to talk to them.

"That kid gonna be here by Christmas?" It honestly took me a second to figure out what he was talking about because I had been off in my own little world. After catching sight of my protruding stomach and finally comprehending, I said,

"Yep! Hopefully before Thanksgiving, actually!" He was completely flabberghasted, because apparently I'm not nearly big enough to be quite that far along. So I got up to the counter, bought my fifty-eight cent envelope, and heard from the clerk:

"So, must be any day now, huh?" Upon hearing I still had a month to go, she backpedaled and muttered something about babies being such a blessing, congratulations, and have a nice day.

Everyone's an expert.

I was actually terrifically amused to hear these completely contradictory statements one directly after the other. Hearing opinions from such opposite ends of the spectrum must mean that I am, in fact, completely average sized for being nearly 36 weeks!

Anyway, that was almost the end of my grumpy outing. The last occurrence was at Sam's Club, after I had made it through the store in record time so I could get back home to the poor puppy I had left whining in the garage. Someone had left their cart unattended about ten feet away from the cart corral, and let it run across the parking lot, directly into my purty car! Turd. Reflecting, it was probably a good thing I wasn't around when it happened or someone would have been limping away from an encounter with a moody rhino.

You'll be glad to know, however, that my day got better when I got back home and received a joyous welcome from an uber adorable puppy. She wasn't in her bed, where I had left her, though...no, she found a much better place that she apparently prefers.

Tanner's shoe shelf. We found her there this morning when we went to let her in as well. The poor thing is in for a rude awakening when she gets too big for it!

Anyway, now we're both curled up nice and comfy in bed, getting over our bad mornings in our own ways: she's curled up in a ball against my leg and snoring up a storm, and I have a pan of orange cinnamon rolls and no one to judge me if I eat them all. Except you, but you wouldn't do that, would you? Didn't think so.


  1. Better you than me. Except, wait . . . aren't you supposed to be on "rest?" As in, by asking if you had time to do this teensy little errand, I may have endangered my grandson? (I was actually thinking you could do it online with possibly a 45-minute phone call or two. I forgot; we're in Montana now.)

  2. 36 weeks? Excellent! Guess it could be anytime w/ days like this. Our printer also makes copies...hope your this funny after you have the baby :)