Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hot'n Cheesy Bean Dip

I made this bean dip the other night for an evening snack.  We don't snack a lot, so I've been putting off trying the recipe, because-- well, when? It never makes sense to me to make a snack when a meal with actual meat in it is what's needed.

But I did finally make it, and it was gooey and yummy.  So here ya go:

8 oz. cream cheese
1/2 c. sour cream
1 can (16 oz.) refried beans
2 T. taco seasonings (or 1/2 pkg.)
2 c. cheese of choice

So mix the sour cream and cream cheese (a hand mixer works much better than a spoon, I discovered...):

Then add the beans.  These seriously look disgusting.

Then the taco seasoning...

Then pour it into a sprayed 9x9 pan and bake @350 for about 25 minutes.  It's all gooey and string-cheesy when it comes out-- perfect for chips!

So this was fun and good, but there was no way we were going to eat this much, especially in one sitting.  So today I pulled out part of the leftovers and reheated them, mixing them with shredded chicken.  Then I turned them into a burrito. Add a little more taco seasoning to cover the added chicken and you have Lunch!  You can use canned chicken (the tuna shaped cans) if you like...I've found it's super handy to have home-canned shredded chicken on hand for times like this.  Chicken is already cooked and shredded, and lunch is a five minute project.  Pretty handy.


  1. Looks really good. I wonder if you can get goat cream cheese and goat sour cream. Prolly not, since the cream doesn't rise on goat milk. Sigh.

    1. I've heard goat milk will separate if left in the fridge long enough, but I don't know what it taste like after that. BUT I think you could add cultures to goat milk and come up with a viable a soft mild spreadable cheese would be close enough. And you could just do more of that in place of the sour cream.