Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Puppy Tales and a Toilet Seat

Soo...I thought you might like to get a little update on the canine baby! And even if you wouldn't like, you can read on through it anyway, because I still think she's adorable. It's just a few snippets anyway:

1) She can sleep in literally any position, her most preferred being the ones that look the most uncomfortable. Case in point:

(Sorry about the picture quality...these all came off my phone)

2) She has an attitude! I never knew a dog could talk back, but every time we tell her to stay off the couch, she'll sit back, glare at us, and throw out a "Growf!". And basically, that means we just got flipped off in dog speech.

3) She absolutely loves the snow. There's not much funnier than watching a puppy wade her way through snow that is nearly taller than she is.

4) She does not like being dried off. That part is not so fun.

Anyway, on another note, my husband is hilarious. But you probably already knew that. Just to prove the point though, I quote unto you the following anecdote.

Thursday, while I was off partying, my man ran off to Home Depot--possibly his favorite place besides the kitchen table--and brought back a few things to work on. One of these things was a toilet seat. I couldn't figure out why, for the longest time after I got home, he kept asking me why I hadn't had to go to the bathroom yet (the answer being that I had gone three times in the last hour). So when I finally did go in there, I was very pleasantly surprised by his little project.

Anyone who has seen the last throne-cover knows just why it needed replaced. Anyone who hasn't, well, imagine a house built in 1977, lived in by a couple that was about twenty years older than that. This combination led to some pretty horrendous interior decoration faux pas, such as pink carpet, couch upholstery used as curtains, and, (dun-dun-DUUUN!) a wooden toilet seat. It was beyond hideous. And old. And squeaky and rickety, and I'm honestly surprised that no one received a sliver in the posterior from it.

Anyway, Tanner was pretty proud of having finally fixed the problem that we had both been complaining about for quite a while, and I definitely had to give him some brownie points. But I get the feeling that he's more excited about it than I am, as at least once a day, as he walks out of the bathroom, I'll hear something like:

"You know what looks great? The bathroom!" or "Hey! Guess what? The bathroom looks sooo much better now that that thing is gone!"

I love my dork.

Oh, by the way, beard growing season has been upon our household for a couple months now, which means that beard trimming season has very definitely arrived. Tanner thought it'd be fun to try combing his the wrong way before taking the trimmer to it. Having just watched a couple episodes of Duck Dynasty (which I'm now hooked on, by the way), it was immensely difficult to not draw parallels.

I still think he's cute, but he definitely looked a little like a mountain man for a while there.


  1. Yeah, I like beards a whole lot but they have to be trimmed. Otherwise, ewwwww.
    Hey, where's Weddings, part 2 post?

    1. That's coming up tomorrow...figured we would make people wait a while and get anxious :-D Kirstyn just posted her homemade jello post though! Go check it out!