Friday, October 11, 2013

Random Updates and a Junk Drawer Tour

Life is always interesting when you return from a week long trip away.

Not having kids, my house and sanity are usually in pretty good shape upon return, but in spite of that I always find a good many things to add to the to-do list.  Here's a smattering of the first things that came to mind when I walked in:

-kitchen floor is littered with outdoor remnants, fridge handles are dirty, and dishes are stacked in the sink...methinks a male has been trying to function in my kitchen whilst I was away.
-bathrooms need cleaned...apparently just because I was gone doesn't mean they didn't get used. Bah.
-the garden has now entirely frosted over.  The entire thing needs ripped out, the compost bins need emptied into the dirt, and everything tilled under to prepare for a winter cover crop. And the raspberries need pruning.
-WOW the chickens need fresh straw in their coop...
-those potatoes that have been curing need dealt with and put away for the winter...
-why do white sheets never stay white? Time to wash them again in the futile hope that someday they'll be sparkly again, in spite of the hard water that habitually turns them grey...

On the upside, going away sometimes means you get to come back to really neat surprises.  Observe:

This isn't quite as extravagant as it looks, because we inherited it rather than bought it.  (Thanks Mom!)  The plan had been in place for us to get it as some point, but the actual bringing it to our house had not happened, and now it has.  I'm delighted to have a real piano, although shocked at how odd it is, playing a piano again as opposed to a keyboard.  And the real wood really just looks SO much better in the living room than a plastic keyboard...

This morning it was 30 degrees when I got up.  Fall is obviously here and swiftly working its way to winter.  I dragged myself out of bed when Rob got up for work, grumbling darkly to myself about insane husbands who insist on working when they're sick and getting up when it's still dark out. I went out to do the chickens at 8:00 and they agreed with me: it wasn't morning yet.  They were still sleeping!  Usually when I go out they meet me with a bunch of squawks to hurry up, but it was eerily silent this morning and they didn't take kindly to my lifting the door and letting the day in. Chicken sense: it's good stuff.

In other news, Kara decided we needed to do a compare and contrast post on the subject of junk drawers. I really don't know what to say about mine, except that I have a slight neurosis towards the more orderly side of things.  I have a loathing of junk drawers that are chaotic, because you can never find anything in them, which defeats the purpose, since they're usually meant to house odd essentials like batteries, rubber bands, and stamps.

Most junk drawers aren't as big as mine, I'll grant.  In my defense, however, I had a smaller drawer scheduled for "junk drawer" when we re-did the kitchen, but I soon decided I'd rather have a bigger one that comfortably fit everything I could come up with, so I sacrificed space for other items.  (I've discovered that if you just reorganize things you don't need as much space for them in the first place.  That's how I scored this drawer without causing chaos elsewhere.)

So I have a big junk drawer, that looks like this:

It has everything I could think of that would be handy for running the hidden side of the household beast, so there's a few tools (I can never find anything in the garage) and various office supplies, a mix of batteries, pens and permanent markers, various types of tape, stamps, phone books, Command hooks, paper punchers, and super glue.  It's just how we roll.

From Kara:

Yeah, I thought some compare/contrast posts would be kind of amusing, considering the fact that while we do lead very similar lives, I lack all of the OCD that Kirstyn seems to posses. I'm a little jealous, honestly. You see her junk drawer above?

Well, this is mine.

It's completely free of any habit or disorder that could be connected in any way to organization. It's really just a catch-all for all the things that don't have a home. Like last year's phone book. Three flashlights that don't work. A packing tape dispenser. Garage sale price stickers. A lint roller. Batteries. Electric tape (remember who I'm married to?). A book of fill in parking citations that I found at Powell's when we were out in Oregon (I really need to put those in my purse so I can begin plastering every poorly parked car I come across with them. There seems to be a substantially larger quantity of bad drivers/parkers in town since my hormones started raging. Kinda weird how that coincided). Under all that mess is a grocery bag of things from the junk drawer at the old house that never got just went forth and multiplied.

Anyway...this drawer rarely gets opened, and the reason for that is that no one actually knows what's in it, so we just look everywhere else for the things we need. Important things that we actually use, such as pens and gum, are found in more obvious places, like the drawer above the junk drawer, where I also keep the kitchen hand towels. I am too organized! I know exactly where they are!

Thankfully, my whole house isn't run like my junk drawer. We actually keep socks and underwear in the socks and underwear drawer, sheet music under the keyboard, crafty stuff in the corner of the kitchen, butter in the dish cupboard, egg slicer with the hot-pads...

I need help.


  1. ah hahahaha! You guys made my day! Kara, you're definitely your mother's daughter. (I don't know *what* happened to Kirstyn.) In fact, I'm proud to say, I currently have FOUR junk drawers. Yes, they do multiply. :-)

  2. Loved this post, I have to say I am definitely like Kara in the junk drawer department. You two have a similar writing style. I thought it was mostly written by Kara at first until Kirstyn mentioned being married to Rod.

    Betty Figarelle

  3. I love reading this blog! I think I'm a cross between you two...I have really good intentions of having a junk drawer that looks like Kirstyn's, and in fact it does look like that about twice a year, when the chaos gets to me and I reorganize it yet again. But then I get lazy and/or I choose to stuff things in there that should or should not be there in the first place. Somehow I need to find a way for the OCD to stick for me.

    1. More coffee just makes me spazzy. And not in a good way. :)

  4. My 3 small "junk" drawers looks more like Kara's.....but, some of the things in Kirstyn's find themselves in the desk drawer, which looks like Kirstyn's junk draw. So I guess It's all what you consider "junk", and how you distribute it.

    1. I don't really have a desk, but I suppose you're right that a lot of this could reside there!

  5. I have 3 junk drawers but my son has taken over 2 of them! I also often have a box of "junk" from the drawer at the old house!