Wednesday, November 20, 2013

25 Things About Me: The Kara Edition

I've been very carefully avoiding the "Like" button on all those About Me statuses for the last couple weeks that have been dominating my newsfeed, but I finally decided to cave and do one for the blog, 'cause when I'm in the right mood, they can actually be kind of fun! And today, that mood struck. Nobody gave me a number, so I just went with a nice, round 25. We'll see if I can come up with that many!

1) My kitchen is bright yellow. On purpose. Every time I walk into that room, I get the cheeries. This is fortunate, because I end up spending a lot of time in there every day. Makes for a pretty happy housewife!

2) I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, although, admittedly, Kirstyn is worse. Love the movies, but nothing beats the books, and I was part of the crowd that was hugely disappointed when they left Peeves completely out of the movies.

3) I have, in the past, taken lessons for clarinet, drums, flute, cello, and piano. Of those, only the piano has actually stuck with me, and even it has stalled--I haven't sat down and learned a new piece in at least a year. Thank goodness I've got a binder full of tried and trues!

4) As a teenager, I could proudly boast of sleeping in until one in the afternoon during the summer or on weekends. Now, I'm sorry to say, I can't sleep past seven unless I stay up to ridiculous hours the night before. On that note, I rarely stay up past ten, either. I'm quite the partyer.

5) My absolute favorite kind of weather is rain. It just smells amazing. Also, it isn't as cold as snow, and doesn't stick around for days afterward.

6) My earliest memory is of falling into the pond behind our house when I was one or two. I have no idea how Mom figured out where I was (I'm fairly certain she was inside at the time), but she managed to get me out of that little pickle in a hurry! She must have had some sort of spidey sense.

7) I actually enjoyed math in high school. That's probably because I never went beyond Algebra 2. I hear after that, things actually start getting hard. As it was, I ended up tutoring half the class every year, even as a freshman in Geometry. That probably wouldn't have happened if they had realized I was a freshman. It stung their pride a bit when they found that out sometime during the second semester.

8) I swore I would never sleep with a baby in bed with me. I lied. Wade hasn't spent a night out of our bed yet, and I'm not sure when that transition will be happening. It's so handy to be able to just roll over and pick him up!

9) I currently have a cold sore that is really getting on my nerves.

10) It was seven degrees when Tanner left for work this morning. I'm now debating how much we actually need bread and milk and apples because I really don't want to go outside and get cold.

11) I've never had great hand writing, but I'm glad to say it has improved some...since third grade.

12) I actually know how to fold a fitted sheet. It took a YouTube tutorial, but I got it figured out!

13) In high school, I decided I was going to be a writer of novels. Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to be a large animal vet. Then I met Tanner and decided it'd be more fun to be a housewife, and I was totally right. I have yet to regret that decision.

14) I've worn braces for a grand total of right around six years, because I was an idiot and didn't wear the rubber bands like I was supposed to the first time around, and then my teeth shifted, and I had to get them put on a second time so I could get a tooth implant. On that thought--

15) I'm missing a tooth. It just never grew in after the baby tooth fell out. The cool thing about it is that due to the same wire crossing that caused that little oops, I also have never had wisdom teeth, and never will. Score.

16) This summer was the first time I've ever canned anything, but now I've got forty jars of peaches in my basement. Huzzah!

17) The last few days, I've crossed "Get Dressed" off my list if I've changed from one set of PJ pants into another. Putting on yoga pants is almost black tie.

18) I adore cucumbers. I've actually eaten them like bananas.

19) I'm on level 105 of Candy Crush, and I can't beat it for the life of me. It's making me crazy.

20) I'm really grasping at straws to come up with anything else original. I'm starting to see why most people's lists weren't longer than 10.

21) Speaking of straws, I love them. I don't like drinking drinks that have ice in them unless I have one, because ice makes my teeth cold and generally gets in the way. Except for IHOP's ice. They have great ice. It's that pebbly stuff that is small enough to chew on without waiting for it to melt for hours.

22) I went and got a pedicure to try to put myself into labor a while back. It didn't work.

23) Back when I played, I named my cellos. The first was Beauregard (Beau for short), the second, when we moved from California to Montana and couldn't take the rented one with us, was Barnaby. Nice, pompous, English names.

24) I watch shows like My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding on Netflix just to kill time and feel my IQ atrophy. It tickles.

25) I can count on one hand the times I have used an actual "bad word". They were all very special occasions. Usually, I go for more original ones, like "phooey", "drat", "biscuits!", or "fudge monkey". That last one was invented in middle school and I haven't had the heart to retire it.

Anyway, I'd better wrap up this post...turns out we need more than bread, milk, and apples, so I can't really put off my shopping trip just because it's cold. And snowing. And a little windy. Sigh. First world problems, huh?


  1. Ok I just got way to excited about the fact that Gypsy Wedding is on netflix. I love that show for some reason but its not on tv any more and I didnt even think to look at netflix. Woot

  2. Num 9 & 17!!!! Agree completely! Getting good at typing one handed with a baby in my arms. Thank goodness for auto correct!

  3. Num 9 & 17!!!! Agree completely! Getting good at typing one handed with a baby in my arms. Thank goodness for auto correct!

  4. In an effort to be as annoying as possible about Candy Crush, I thought I would go back to level 105 and pass it and post here gloating about it, but what ended up happening is I used up all 5 of my lives. I know I passed it at some point, and now I won't have lives for my quest at...1 in the morning, well let's hope I'm asleep tonight unlike last night.